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Disney+ is a hub platform where users can stream or download the best of Disney movies and TV shows. Disney+ is also the best (and the only) place where you can find Pixar films, Star Wars content, Marvel movies and TV shows, National Geographic, and of course Disney classics. The service is ad-free, and owning Disney+ on Android means you can enjoy any of this content from your TV at home just as easily as you can out and about, or over at a friend's house. The platform features unlimited downloads on up to ten devices. View your favorite movies and shows in 4K UHD and HDR whenever you want - even when offline.

Stay caught up with your favorite series

Exclusive content is the only reason you'd choose Disney+ over the competition.
From Disney-created movies both new and old, to new tv series, short films, and even documentaries, Disney+ asserts that there's something in its catalog to suit everybody's interests. While there is certainly a wealth of content available on Disney+, there's more variety on Netlfix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Apple TV+. Netflix, for instance, boasts a larger catalog than Disney+ despite all the impressive licences owned by the latter.

Disney+ having less to watch than Netflix is hardly a valid complaint, however; there's still an army of content to be found, viewed, or downloaded. There's nostalgic charm of the company's humble beginnings: Original classics such as Snow White or Lady and the Tramp. You can even use the app to watch old Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck cartoons. Then there's the Pixar bag: The Incredibles, Monsters Inc, Moana, or Toy Story. Oh, and there's also 30 seasons of the Simpsons. Why not. It's all excellent content, and that's before even getting to the main course:

Exclusive content is the only reason you'd choose Disney+ over the competition. Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars, so as a result Disney+ is the only platform where you'll find any new (and old) content from either franchise. You can watch your favorite Star Wars movies on Disney+, along with the animated Clone Wars TV show. Both are canon as far as Star Wars lore is concerned, and so is the new Mandalorian series. Similarly Disney+ is also "the forever home" for new Marvel content. Besides re-watching blockbuster MCU hits like Iron Man, Thor Ragnarok, Age of Ultron, or Captain Marvel, there's also original shows: WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, or Loki. Suffice it to say that if you want to stay caught up with any Star Wars or Marvel news, you'll need Disney+ to do so.

The app does suffer from technical problems that Disney is rushing to fix. As of now there are some known issues with Chromecast. The next episode may not automatically begin after one ends, and a paused feature film may not pick up right where you left off. On Android the screen brightness is darker, which can currently lead to nighttime scenes looking washed-out. This contrast is especially apparent when compared to the viewing quality on the Netflix or YouTube apps.

Lastly, and most important to note, is that not all of Disney's content is readily available for streaming or downloading, at least not yet. It's entirely possible that the movie you want to watch will not be there at all. There are only 44 films available on Disney+, and users could be disheartened to find that their favorite is not present among them. Without access to the full catalog of films or a "coming soon" list, Disney+ is a grab bag that's missing some of its star players.

Where can you run this program?

Disney+ is available for streaming on Apple iOS devices, web browsers on PC, tablet devices, Android mobile and Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire HD, Chromecast, Chromebook, Samsung and LG smart TVs, and Roku devices. Disney+ can also be viewed on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Is there a better alternative?

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime are all similar products on the market. In terms of layout the app is comfortably reminiscent of its predecessors. A broad banner on the top shows the feature while 'recommended for you' lists appear below. The main difference from other streaming platforms, however, is that just beneath the feature thumbnail is the option to filter your catalog by license.

Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic all stand in line waiting for you to choose. It's a definite power play on the part of Disney to showcase its brands in this manner, and for the viewer at home it's a reminder of just how much there is to see under the Disney umbrella. One more advantage to Disney+ is that you can also purchase a bundle version. This includes access to Hulu and ESPN+ right off the bat, so if either of those services are vying for your budget this package is a smart consideration.

Our take

If you're a fan of Marvel, Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars then choosing the Disney+ app is a matter of quality over quantity.

Compared to the litany of shows and movies available on Netflix, Disney+ has far less content, but Disney+ has it where it counts; they know their crowd. Additionally Disney+ is less expensive than the competition, and with the ESPN+ and Hulu bundle package you're getting a lot for your dollar. True to the company's roots, Disney+ also works great for families, being a completely family-friendly streaming service that also provides dedicated Kids Profiles.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're a Marvel or Star Wars fan Disney+ this app is a must-have. As for using it to watch your favorite Disney or Pixar movies, however, you might want to check the catalog first; the feature you want to watch isn't guaranteed to be there, at least not yet.

Disney+for Android


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