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How the world watches television and movies is changing faster than ever before. No longer are people relying on cable TV providers and DVD purchases and rentals to consume their entertainment. Streaming services and apps are the new norm, providing flexibility and instant gratification to viewers. Hulu is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy, anyone?) with a quick click. Streaming services make binge watching your favorite shows easier than ever with the show’s full season history and accessibility via multiple devices. Hulu for desktop is an easy-to-install program enabling you to skip the web browser. With all of your favorite content in one place and the ability to add on extras (like live TV and ad-free viewing) it’s no wonder traditional cable companies are starting to worry about their market share. Streaming is what people want, and Hulu’s features give it to them.

Cut the cable cord and still access your favorite content

Hulu is changing the way the world views content, enabling users to cut the cord on their cable provider and still access their favorite shows and movies.

Hulu may be the fastest download we have ever experienced. Quickly install this free app to your desktop, create a profile (or login with existing credentials), and you’ll be streaming your favorite content in no time. Upon launch, the program prompts you to choose favorite genres and a few favorite TV shows and movies. This optimizes their algorithm and provides you tailored suggestions. On your Hulu desktop home screen, find top recommended programs and trending content. Scroll down to see shows and movies by category, with the ability to scroll to the right to see more titles. On each title’s tile, view its title, cover photo, genre, and the length of the video. Hover over any individual title and easily preview a mini description and button options to play, go to details page, add to 'My Stuff', or stop suggesting. The more you click through these buttons, the better you optimize the algorithm of suggested content.

Clicking through titles and adding them to 'My Stuff' is addicting, as you discover more and more excellent content. The interface is clean, incredibly easy to navigate, and well organized. The top toolbar contains options 'Browse' and 'My Stuff'. Browse lets you search by genre, TV network, TV shows, movies, Hulu originals, and kids content. Find all the titles you’ve favorited in the 'My Stuff' tab, organized by TV shows, movies, and 'Expiring' titles. Click on a TV show and see the various episodes, extras, 'you may also like', and details.

In the upper right corner of Hulu desktop, you will find a search bar where you can type titles in directly, and your account access. Hover over your name to drop down a menu including 'Night Mode', manage profiles, account, help center, and log out.

In 'manage profiles', easily add, remove, and edit user profiles within the same subscription account. It took a matter of seconds to set up a separate Kids profile, where you can choose only kid-appropriate content to be accessible. There was no obvious way to set a content password to the non-kid profiles, so it is unclear how children could be sufficiently protected from inappropriate content. Parental supervision proves necessary here.

In 'manage your account', users can update payment information, view their next charge date, change their subscription plan, manage add-ons, pause and cancel the subscription, update personal information, connect Hulu to Facebook, update their email and password, enter a code to link Hulu to other devices, and access privacy and settings information.

The Help Center contains FAQs related to account information, technical specifications, how-to guides, content guides, getting started, and the ability to contact Hulu directly via an online chat bot, phone call, or even asking your question in the Hulu community forum. All these options provide users tons of support, which may not even be needed because of the program’s simple and intuitive nature.

Where can you run this program?

Hulu desktop is available on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Xbox One. Non-Windows users can access Hulu streaming service via a web browser or mobile app. Users must be connected to the internet to stream content.

Is there a better alternative?

Hulu is giving Netflix a run for its money. While these two popular streaming services are similar, they do have some big differences. Hulu is seen as more closely linked to television on demand. It can add and connect to cable and network TV stations, stream live sports, and immediately watch shows live. Netflix is more focused on syndicated content. Both services provide new and older movies, and new and older TV shows. However, Hulu is the only one with access to TV shows currently in production, immediately upon a new episode’s release. Another similarity is that both services have their own native content, a feature that was initially eyerolled but has gained huge popularity with hit shows like The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) and 'Orange is the New Black' (Netflix). Netflix’s parental controls are superior with the ability to password protect inappropriate content, only making child-friendly content accessible. Netflix offers one subscription price while Hulu offers tiered pricing based on your individual needs.

Overall, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Netflix is known for a more robust movie and syndicated content library. Whereas Hulu is your go-to streaming service if you want to cut the cord on your cable subscription, while still enjoying your favorite shows and sports.

Our take

Hulu desktop is the next gen way to watch TV and movies. It provides freedom from your stationary TV, cable service, and DVR limits. Stream your favorite TV show while in the bathtub even, just keep the laptop cord away from the water – yikes! Enjoy movie night in any room of the house with Hulu desktop. This service provides accessible new ways to watch TV and movies, revolutionizing how we access entertainment.

Should you download it?

Yes, download Hulu for desktop if you want to give a streaming entertainment service a try. With Hulu’s free trial, you have nothing to lose. Watch a month of free TV shows and movies, see if it’s a good fit for you, and you’ll likely become addicted to its portability and lower price tag than cable service.

No, do not download if you prefer a traditional cable TV service plugged into the wall. If syndicated TV shows and movies are more your thing, an alternative like Netflix may be better. However, at an accessibly low monthly rate, Hulu delivers the best of both worlds: new and legacy content in one, easy platform.

Hulu Desktopfor Windows

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