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Smart TVs made smarter!

The Smart IPTV app lets you stream on Android devices and Smart TVs. There are two versions, Smart IPTV and Smart IPTV Pro. Smart IPTV (Internet protocol television) provides TV programs, video content, and live TV using the Internet.

IPTV and smart TVs

Smart TVs have phone-like features, except for phone calls and messages. However, they do come with apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Showbox. Some Samsung TVs have the Smart IPTV app installed. With other smart TVs, you have to install it yourself. Smart IPTV is supported on some LG and Samsung Smart TVs, MAG devices, Android TVs, and Amazon Fire TVs.  

There are plenty of IPTV apps to choose from, including Hulu, YouTube TV, AT&T TV Now, and Smart IPTV and Smart IPTV Pro. Some people are under the impression that these apps are free and contain channels. However, users have to choose the channels they would like to stream and pay for them. Like satellite TV, you choose the packages you want.

Operating systems for smart TVs and Smart IPTV

All smart and Android TVs run on an operating system with limited features. For Samsung smart TVs, you mostly get Tizen operating systems. The installation process for Smart IPTV is different for each one. 

For Smart TVs with a Tizen OS, you have to download the Smart IPTV app from an external USB to extract the installation wizard. For non-Tizen OS TVs, you have to download the Orsag file for Tizen, attach it to the root of an external USB, and insert the drive into your TV. LG Smart TVs already has the app in the LG play store, and you can download and install the app from there.  

Smart IPTV channels

None of the IPTV apps come with channels; you have to add them yourself. You can choose a list of channels from the channel menu or playlist. Whether you love reality TV, sports, drama, or comedy, there’s a channel for you. 

Smart IPTV is the free version of Smart IPTV Pro; you can download the free version and use it for seven days, then upgrade to the paid version. Once the app is installed, complete the steps in the user guide.

Our take

The Smart IPTV can enhance your Smart TV viewing and streaming quality; it also lets you watch all your favorite shows and movies.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy live streaming TV shows and movies, then this is an excellent app for you. 


  • HD and SD quality streaming
  • Eliminates the usage of cables
  • Live streaming of videos, movies, and web series
  • Internet access, mobile services, and TV


  • It is dependent on streaming and a strong internet connection

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Smart IPTVfor Android


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