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Streaming made easy with Amazon

Amazon Prime Video provides users with a platform to stream shows and movies from their phones with the added option for “offline viewing.”

The all-encompassing world of Amazon Prime Video

Shopping, reading and streaming all provided on one platform.

While the Amazon Prime Video service is a step in the right direction, the program is probably the least developed streaming service available.

With quick access to your watch list and immediate streaming, users have access to a range of movies and shows that differ from other platforms. A great feature for movie buffs, the program gives you instant access to IMBd for background information on the movie, actors, and directors.

Similar to Youtube, you can rent or buy movies and shows with unlimited access, available on a maximum of 4 devices. Amazon has adopted a feature like that of Netflix; users can download and watch content offline. But be prepared to wait, as it takes a while to download.

Without access to subtitles or a wide range of language options, users are restricted to watching content in the original language without the chance to explore international movies and shows. Adding Amazon Prime Video’s limited 30-second jump back, you can’t get too distracted while watching.

Another issue with the program is the lack of genre sorting. Offering an easy to navigate home page is great but being able to filter content is a time saver.

Where can you run this program?

This program is available on all devices across iPhone, Android and Windows. However, Amazon Prime Video requires iOs 9.3 or later.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. With streaming services, there is always a better alternative after some time. Content is often limited, and users seek new entertainment. Netflix offers a different range of movies with the added benefit of language options and HD content.

Our take

Amazon Prime Video has by far the least features when it comes to the streaming itself in comparison to similar services. However, its intuitive interface and diverse range of content makes the app a good addition to your phone.

Should you download it?

Yes. The 30-day trial gives you access to new content that is not available on other streaming services. A great app for anyone ready to explore new movies and shows.


  • Quick access to your “watch list”
  • Option to rent or buy movies outright
  • Access to IMBd data


  • No subtitle options
  • Slow downloads
  • No genre sorting

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Amazon Prime Videofor iOS


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