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A free sports streaming app

SonyLIV is a free app for streaming TV shows and live sports. The app allows you to download and browse for free while offering premium subscriptions to skip ads and watch exclusive content.


SonyLIV is primarily focused on providing live sports streaming for viewers. The app allows users to view live sports from a myriad of stations and providers including American football, basketball, and wrestling. The app can also stream European sports such as the European Qualifiers, cricket matches, and more.

Beyond live sports, SonyLIV offers other programs such as fan-favorite drama, Scam 1992. Alongside this, there’s a variety of original content to browse.


One of the larger drawbacks, as with any app of this kind, is the premium subscription, which must be purchased in order to watch the full series of most shows, and along with any of their premium sports content. Competitor apps share this same ideology when it comes to monetization, in effect making these free apps more like free trials.

Also, users have reported that the premium subscription has permanently broken their app and prevents it from closing. This catastrophic failure can result in repeated charges or loss of premium account privileges.


There are many competitor apps that are able to contend with SonyLIV. The most prevalent are Hulu and YouTube TV. Hulu is one of the largest entertainment streaming services with partnerships and exclusive deals that give access to live sports, entertainment, and more. YouTube TV offers users the ability to watch their favorite channels live and even rewatch episodes of their favorite shows later.

Both Hulu and YouTube TV offer live broadcasting of various networks including ESPN+, covering international sports, through Hulu’s bundle with Disney+. YouTube TV also offers NBC which occasionally covers cricket matches, though these can also be found live on Hotstar, another competitor.

Our take

SonyLIV is part of a wave of freemium apps that offer limited access to sports and entertainment until a premium account is purchased. Due to glitches in the app’s software, the premium feature can result in catastrophic app failure. So, exercise caution when using this app.

Should you download it?

No, there are safer alternatives.


  • Live Sports
  • Exclusive content


  • Deceptive freemium tactics
  • Catastrophic failure possible during premium purchase

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SonyLIV:TV Shows Movies Sportsfor Android


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