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Google Photos is one of the most popular photo and video sharing apps in the industry today. Backed by Google, it offers free and unlimited media storage to users, storing data on the cloud. Maybe you need to transfer photos and videos from your phone to the cloud, enabling more device storage. Maybe you want a better media organization solution. Or you just want a quick and widely used method to share memories with family and friends. Nearly whatever your photo storage and sharing app needs are, Google Photos is up to the task.

Photo backups

It’s no wonder Google Photos is one of the most widely used photo backup apps

With its free, unlimited storage, easy sharing, machine learning-based photo recognition, and ability to upload photos automatically. BodyGoogle Photos’ functionality includes impressive features such as analyzing photo contents utilizing machine learning, to group and categories media by people, places, things, including events and the ability to share media and albums within the app and externally (via text, email, etc. Notification to specified users of additional photos added to a shared album. Memory reminders based on date or of a person the user recently uploaded a photo of where can you run this program. Stores media on the cloud, enabling users to delete from the device, freeing up storage.

Geotag photos based on location where you can run this program. Automatic creation of animations, collages, movies, etc. Ability to cast photos to TV with Chromecast or AirplayThe user interface is incredibly intuitive, making the initial media sync seamless. Uploading speed was quick over wifi. The app automatically categorized my photos into the following folders: People & Pets, Places, Things, Videos, Collages, Animations, and Movies. The last three folders start off empty and as you begin to use the app, Google offers fun collages, animations, and movies you might enjoy, based on your photo usage.

The search speed is magnificent, easily sorting through my thousands of photos to find specific ones.Upon opening my 'People & Pets' folder and clicking on myself, I was prompted to confirm or deny if all of the photos were of me. The prompt explained that identifying whether a series of photos were all of me, it would enhance the app’s ability to classify photos in the future. After about 20 clicks (they were all me), more photos were classified under my folder.

Privacy concerns have been raised however, should Google be required to turn over a users’ entire media library to the government upon request (though this would likely be the case for most media storage apps). Google’s use of personal data to promote ads is already widely scrutinized, as is their motivation for creating this photo storage app now.Customer support is offered via the “Assistant” button within the app itself, giving you quick how-tos, suggestions, and most of the functionality contained there. A “Help” button can be found within the ellipses on the main menu of the app, with FAQs and typical help questions the user can browse. A direct question can also be submitted via the Google Photos support page.

Finally, perhaps my favorite feature, is the ability to enable Google Photos to automatically upload photos from your device to the cloud, so you never have to worry about forgetting to sync. This enables you to get on with what you’re really here for, making memories and capturing them on camera.

Where can you run this program?

Google Photos can be downloaded on Android and iPhone (iOS) devices and also has a website. Users’ media is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device connected to their Google Photos account.Is there a better alternative? Much of the functionality of Google Photos can also be found in Apple’s Photo app, which comes automatically installed on iPhones out-of-the-box.

The iPhone Photos app, like Google Photos, has the ability to recognize faces, group photos of similar people (although the accuracy is hit or miss), and bring up memories and photos at appropriate times. Both apps are free and the security and privacy policies are similar, making it a toss up in that regard. Users have access to free and unlimited storage with both apps as well. Google Photos and the iPhone Photos app both have the ability to share directly from the app and enjoy app-created live videos with photos to create a memory reel. However, Google Photos’ sharing features are superior, also providing specific users’ notifications when new photos are added to a shared folder. Google photos will also suggest the best photos of a series of similar photos, a feature Apple Photos does not have.

Is there a better alternative?

Google Photos’ machine learning capabilities in identifying particular items (people, places, and things) in photos and grouping categories other than just faces, is a clear feature advantage. As far as simple photo storage, other similar apps include Snapfish, Amazon Prime Photos, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, and many more. None compare to Google Photos’ free and unlimited storage however, with every other market alternative being either paid and/or having storage limitations.

Our take

Google Photos’ ease of use, integration, and categorization make this an excellent app. I love its ability to group photos of my children by each kid, using facial recognition. I can easily sort through identified photos of everyone in the family – including our dog! The fact that it has the ability to auto-sync is reason enough for me, as it puts me back where I want to be…making the memories and taking the photos.

Should you download it?

For everyday users, Google Photos is the ideal storage solution. Its free and unlimited storage (up to 16 megapixels), makes it an excellent app to backup your media. Download this app if you are looking for simple storage for your memories and memes. However, professional photographers will likely take issue with the 16 megapixel limit per photo, making this a less than ideal solution for that user group. Professional photographers will likely do most of their editing and storage via their computer (versus a phone or tablet app), so this may not present an issue. For the average user though, Google Photos is the way to safekeep your memories for free.


  • Easy download to iPhone or Android device
  • Quickly and easily aggregates and categorizes photos
  • Automatically backs up media to the cloud
  • Ensuring you never lose your memories
  • Easily share


  • Another app to manage in addition to device-native apps like Apple Photos
  • Privacy concerns have been raised

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Google Photosfor Android

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