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Unload your heavy heart with Whisper

Self-disclosure can be cathartic. Some say that it can also be a step towards recovery when trying to move on. But sadly, not everyone has a person they trust enough to share secrets with. Get the weight off your chest with this secret sharing app, Whisper.

A sigh of relief

Whisper aims to create a safe space for you to release your pent up feelings

Fears, unpopular beliefs, family problems and strange habits are commonly kept as secrets. It’s common for people to conceal their opinions in fear of being shunned. 

Whisper lets you say what you truly feel without receiving judgment.

When creating posts, the secret sharing app provides stock photos and memes you can use for free. You don’t need to risk accidentally revealing your identity by using your own photos. Confide with people through pictures or videos, you can even publish confessions in both formats.

Form groups or find existing groups

Get a chance to meet people or members you share interests with. It’s easier to learn and share advice to overcome what you are going through using this feature. You’re sure to meet someone interesting with the 30 million monthly users of the app.

Discover what people near you are hiding. You can control where the confessions come from. Set it as close or as far you want on the Nearby tab. The latest and trendiest confessions are also categorized into easily accessible tabs. Read thousands of hilarious and relatable stories on the app.

Be participative

Join discussions between your fellow anons. Its version of upvoting comes in the form of the Heart button. Press it when you agree with a post and engage with it. You can even verbalize what your feelings by replying to the post.

Conversations may require more than just quick reactions. When this happens, you can further the discussion you’re having with another user in the chat feature. Exchange messages, photos, and gifs on this app component.

Where can you run this program?

Contribute your secret to the growth of Whisper app confessions when you install this on any Android and iOS devices.

Is there a better alternative?

Install Vent as an alternative once you’ve grown sick of this app. Vent allows you post confessions with a feature to your readers know what mood you’re in.

Our take

This impressive app has outlived some of its competition. Users have grown accustomed to the app enough to use Whisper as a dating app of sorts.

Should you download it?

Yes. We also recommend you to be careful when revealing personal information.


  • Video and photo confessions
  • Similar interest groups
  • No signup required


  • Spam history
  • Posts may be used for content by media sites
  • No safe for children

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