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Clear your mind and your inbox

Without a system to process unsolicited messages, your inbox becomes a breeding ground for fraudulent scams trying to catch you with your guard down. Keep the risk down to a minimum by having an anti-spam app like Truecaller on your phone. Life is too short to take spam calls.

Stop unwanted calls today

It's a versatile app that will do more than just manage you messages

Mindlessly ticked the Terms of Use box without even reading it makes you at risk for spam. A lot of free apps out there harvest data just to sell them to marketers. The telemarketers who reach out to us make managing our inbox a handful more often than not. Some of us fall for scams or just waste time deleting them.

Stay smart

If you see suspected spam calls from suspicious numbers, this app will let you block calls and texts from unwanted numbers. It’s a good way to undo the mistake of oversharing our personal information. 

Truecaller is a versatile app you can use to back up your contacts as well. It will automatically save history, contact information, and more to your Google Drive. When the time comes for you to restore your contacts, simply grant the app access to the storage.

Centralized communication

This free dialer replacement app offers a chat feature so you can make calls and send messages in a single app. Paired with this instant messaging platform is an anti-fake news feature. You can report spam messages containing disinformation. 

The app also brings good news to people using dual SIMs. Switching to one network to another is done through a single command. Information coming from both SIM cards is organized in the app’s interface.

Premium perks

Removing ads and gaining access to additional features is done by getting a subscription to their premium plan. Such features include the Who Viewed My Profile tab which allows you to see people who have taken a peek in your contact information. You can also start recording your calls consensually to prevent fraud.

Where can you run this program?

The app is supported by iOS and Android devices. Install this Sweden-based app and secure keep your devices away from scams.

Is there a better alternative?

Another free anti-spam you can use even without an internet connection is Showcaller. It is also free of ads and allows you to record calls. You can also report spam as well as familiarize yourself with a list of scams on their website.

Our take

You’re getting so much more than just an anti-spam service with this caller ID app. Even their free service works well even on its own. The annual subscription fee of $17.99 will be worth spending.

Should you download it?

Totally. Hop on the Truecaller train along with its 130 million daily users. There are also hidden Truecaller features that are waiting to be discovered.


  • More affordable than the ones in the market
  • Free chat feature
  • Premium lets you send 30 contact requests
  • Can be used to back up contacts


  • Contains ads
  • Call Recording is not supported by Android 9
  • Caller ID only works in certain areas

Truecallerfor Android


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