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Free space for audio drop-in chats

Clubhouse is a free app where friends and other people from around the world engage in conversations. It’s intended for casual, drop-in chatting.

What is the purpose of the Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media iOS app with a new spin. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Clubhouse focuses on constructive conversations among celebrities and industry professionals. You can start conversations or eavesdrop on other chats when you get invited to join.


This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and requires iOS 13.0 or higher. It hasn’t been released on Android, but it’s planned to arrive in the future. 

Is Clubhouse safe?

This premier space is for media personalities, celebrities, and influencers to provide advice and share stories. The app prides itself on its privacy and is a safe space for its users.

How does it work?

Clubhouse focuses strictly on audio. Once you’re inside, you’ll notice various rooms with people having conversations. You may stumble across celebrities from all industries as they share information. 

All you need to do is join a room that interests you and you can listen in. Hosts are the moderators; they unmute users who raise their hands when they want to contribute. 

How to add people to Clubhouse

There are just over 100,000 members currently on Clubhouse. The app is only open to a small elite number of people. Every new member can only invite one other member. You also have to be a verified member of other social media networks to join.

Our take

The Clubhouse app is excellent for those who want to have meaningful conversations in a safe and private environment. However, it’s still in the beta phase and can come across not being inclusive.

Should you download it?

Yes. Download the app if you feel that you stand a chance of receiving an invite to join Clubhouse. If you’re able to enter,  you can enjoy learning from people in diverse industries. 


  • Take part in engaging conversations
  • Wide variety of clubs and topics
  • Option to share music
  • Strong community, with emphasis on people of color


  • Invite only
  • Not yet available on Android
  • Lack of accountability due to no recording option
  • Pretentious vibe with clout chasing

Clubhousefor iOS


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