Cisco Jabberfor Android


Mobile APP for mobility and productivity

Cisco Jabber is an Android app used for on-the-go business and personal use. It’s a well-known productivity brand in the business world, but not well-known to the general public.  

Cisco Jabber assists with making calls over wifi or wireless LAN on your Android phone. You can use it for video calling, instant messaging, voicemail, and meetings (with Webex). You can also run the app in the background to never miss a call or message, and it doesn’t interfere with other apps. 

Communication for all

If you’re a business person or a very busy person who’s always on the go, then this app is for you. Cisco Jabber, like Avaya-X communicator and Zoom, is used for on-the-go communication. However, Cisco Jabber also has a combination of features from both these apps, enabling you to connect from anywhere to your corporate directory. It’s also a paid app that offers a free 30-day trial, allowing you to try it out first. 

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

Even though Cisco is a renowned brand in some circles, it has its flaws. A few customers have complained about service delivery, such as connectivity and incoming calls not working.

Extra features

You won’t have to worry if your native language isn’t English. Cisco Jabber offers multilingual support, catering to languages worldwide. It also provides a unified communications manager and a Cisco phone line. If you need an automated phone response, it has a built-in bot framework for incoming calls and chat responses.

Our take

The app does what it promises, connects you to others but it isn't without flaws. It’s not perfect but gets the job done. 

Should you download it?

Yes. Cisco Jabber is a versatile and easy-to-use app, and it’s a great addition to those looking for more connectivity.  


  • Instant connectivity
  • Reduction in cost
  • On-the-go collaborations
  • Quick response to customer problems (the company has excellent customer service)


  • You only get a 30-day trial. As soon as the trial ends, you must purchase a plan.
  • It works best when connected to a strong network for it to work optimally.

Cisco Jabberfor Android

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