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Roposo is a free Indian video-sharing platform explicitly designed for Indian people. It offers over 25 content channels covering various topics from fashion to sports and entertainment. The app also encourages video creation with its built-in camera and editor, promoting socialization and participation.

A growing social network

Mayank Bhangadia, the CEO of Roposo, made the platform accessible to anybody over 15 years old. It’s available in 11 Indian languages, encouraging every member to produce content and add to the ever-increasing body of videos across the topic channels.

The developers built Roposo to resemble TikTok and Triller, with similar app organization and familiar interface design. Anyone can easily create and post content for other users to watch and like.

Growth happens naturally, with the top creators getting tagged as ‘Rising Stars.’ If you gather enough attention, you earn cashable coins. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to connect with others in-app, such as a chat or groups.

Easy video editing

The built-in editing features are comprehensive, letting you play around with shapes and lighting while adding filters, effects, and stickers to your pieces and make them pop. The Roposo camera also supports time-lapse and slow-motion production.

Once you style your video, you can save or share it directly to the platform. The editor is as logical and well-organized as the rest of the app, making content creation a breeze.

Original content

There’s something for everybody on Roposo, from stand-up comedy to memes and movie clips. The platform already boasts a massive user base, so videos quickly go viral and reaching the homepage of every member.

Alternatively, you can type the topic you want to browse with the search button on top of the interface. Roposo lines up the most popular creators in the genre on your display to keep you occupied and entertained.

Our take

Roposo is a fantastic alternative to other, more mainstream social platforms. Although, it’s a shame that you can’t communicate with other members for a greater sense of community.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re interested in Indian content or want to share your ideas with the world.


  • Diverse content selection
  • Clear user interface
  • Easy editing tools
  • Available in multiple Indian languages
  • Possibility to earn money in-app


  • Limited user demographics
  • Lacks a chat option

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Roposofor Android


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