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Free, secure cloud-based file sharing

Box Inc. has made creating content and sharing effortlessly. The free app gives your creative control offline and syncs with all devices. The encryption offers you the highest safety measures and ensures your intellectual property remains private. 

Software requirements

Optimization has been made for Windows systems with the 32-bit, 64-bit, and 86-bit architecture. Box Inc. wants to offer the platform to as many users as possible. 

Plans and competitors

Free personal accounts come with 10GB of storage space, making this a tempting cloud service. There is a 250Mb upload file size limit but this is typically satisfactory for the family user base. Paid plans for Box are with 100GB of storage. Dropbox and Google Drive have a larger market spread, and their paid services are higher rated. Sugarsync and Dropbox give you 2.5 times and 20 times more storage, respectively. 


You’re gently welcomed by the blue overtones as you open Box and buttons are easily understood - as you would find in Microsoft extensions. The purpose of this is to give you an experience that requires little to no learning curve. 

However, Microsoft OneDrive has a more user-friendly functionality, with a few extra features not available in Box. Although it works exclusively with Microsoft programs, so you may find some restrictions for which files you can share.

Our take

Box, Inc. has created a good, all-around program that improves the way content is created and managed. You can create documents within the application and share them with contacts. The sync function ensures that all work is stored securely in the cloud. You can now access all your work from any device that has Box installed. The program is a better-than-average management platform and worth downloading.

Should you download it

This is a great application. Box will help you manage and create small home projects and even more complex, organization-wide endeavors. The free version is packed with tools to streamline your next project.


  • The free account services are robust
  • High number of features


  • Support services are a paid service
  • Browsing does lag

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Boxfor Windows

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