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Automize patches and updates

Avast Business Patch Management is an automated process that can keep the systems and third-party apps on your operating system patched and updated to their most recent release dates. Ease the stress of trying to protect your business from advanced cyberattacks and ransomware with Avast’s real-time automatic scans and customizable patches. Whether you’re on Mac or Windows, Avast Business Patch Management has a solution for all your individual devices.

A complete patch management console

Critical patches come down at regular intervals, and if you’re like most Mac users, your focus is more on your work than on your workhorse - even if said workhorse is vulnerable to attack. Regardless of your platform, Avast Business Patch Management can patch Microsoft Windows systems and thousands of popular third-party applications, letting you rest easy and regain total control of deploying patches.

57% of all data breaches result not from faulty anti-malware, but from updates pertaining to specific software being ignored for too long. A personalized, managed service for patch updating is a crucial component in any defensive strategy. Any device connected to your network poses a potential risk, and it just takes one employee forgetting to update their program for someone to bypass it and use that platform as a foothold to spread malware.

Since securing your business requires more than just protecting laptops, Avast Business Patch Management employs endpoint security for all devices under your company umbrella, powered by their own brand of industry-leading, next-gen antivirus. Additionally, their security suites are cost-effective and designed to ensure your data and applications remain at their peak - and you can manage it at your own pace:

Avast Business Patch Management utilizes an intuitive dashboard that can branch off wildly from its default settings. The security platform’s centralized management allows for flexible deployment schedules, selecting the regularity of patch scans, choosing between daily, weekly, monthly, or really any frequency you like. You can set the system to deploy thousands of patches: All software applications, vendors, and severities can then benefit from automatic patches, and you can even exclude individual ones if you elect to avoid updating them.

Patching software one app at a time is not only difficult to manage, but it’s also a tedious process. Avast Business Patch Management saves your company time (and therefore money) by taking the task into their own hands. Not only does this reduce the length of time the update process takes from months to minutes, it’s also safer - handled by Avast’s team of content engineers with years of industry experience.

Patching support for thousands of applications

Avast Business Patch Management takes a load off the difficult process of identifying critical vulnerabilities in your company’s apps, and easily deploys updates to all endpoints therein. Available at three different pricing tiers (the premium option allows for anonymous endpoint protection and server security), each tier offers business-grade support from Avast’s highly-trained technical engineers, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. Download it here and put your company’s patching into safe, capable hands.


  • Reliable auto-updates
  • Bolsters company cybersecurity
  • Saves update time and money
  • Caters updates to your schedule


  • Reduces manual update control
  • Requires initial micromanagement

Avast Business Patch Managementfor Windows


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