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PureVPN is one of the leading VPN software since its inception. Bad press diminished its reputation in the past. However, PureVPN redeems itself with an improved product.

Protect your data

PureVPN has an extensive network all over the world. They operate with around 2000 servers located in 140 countries. This means that you’ll always find fast and stable connections.

If you value your privacy when browsing through the net, PureVPN is useful software for you. Wherever you live, this leading VPN (Virtual Private Network) application will protect your private data.

PureVPN is easy to use. The installation on your computer, or phone, is straightforward. Once on your device, pop-up windows will lead you through the configuration process.

Many countries across the globe don’t have the privilege to use streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix. Some countries don’t have access to these sites. With PureVPN you can cross the border between you and the vast content streaming platforms offer.

PureVPN supports Split Tunneling. This concept enables your device for security encryption. You can adjust one browser’s settings for banking only, while others are left unaffected. PureVPN uses 256-bit encryption.

PureVPN performs equally great on all platforms. Whether you’re using Windows, Android, iOS, or macOS, you have to download this software to add an extra layer of security. One account spreads across five devices; thus you won’t require separate accounts for your laptop and your phone.

Where can you run this program?

PureVPN is a multi-platform software. You can use it on your computer (Windows and macOS), phone (Android and iOS), and router.

Is there a better alternative?

PureVPN is easy to use. You don’t need knowledge about technology for it, and you can always rely on fast internet connection. This gives PureVPN an edge over the competition.

Our take

PureVPN is rightfully boasting to be a fast VPN software. It checks all the boxes in the security department with strong encryption.

Should you download it?

Yes. PureVPN is one of the fastest and easiest to use VPNs in the market. Easy access to streaming sites is particularly appealing to users who have no access to them.

PureVPNfor Windows


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