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8 w/ WARP is a nice VPN alternative

WARP is a free tool available for Windows computers that uses the DNS address. This application is safe to use and doesn’t collect any private data. The software uses a modern protocol to provide online security as you browse the Internet.

However, the app doesn’t function like a typical VPN such as NordVPN, CyberGhost, or Namecheap VPN. Instead, the app redirects through a protocol without changing your own IP address. This process doesn’t create lag or unnecessary delays.

Is better with WARP?

Every website and app you access is visible to your Internet service provider (ISP), even when encrypted. Some ISPs may sell this data or use it for targeted advertising. However, by using with WARP, your online activities gain an extra layer of security. This feature encrypts a significant portion of your device's traffic, shielding your digital footsteps from unwanted surveillance and ensuring your online privacy remains intact.


WARP is free, allowing you to quickly download it and enter WARP drive in your browser. This app is a great way to protect yourself without spending a cent on software or a recurring VPN subscription plan.

Online privacy

WARP ensures you have online privacy, as it prevents any snooping by encrypting your web-traffic. The software is developed by Cloudflare, a company well known for its online security and privacy. 

Like a VPN

While w/ WARP protects your online data and functions to keep your information away from your ISP, but it isn’t a VPN. The software doesn’t bounce your IP address or tell websites you’re in a different location. To use a different IP for Netflix (for example) you’ll need a dedicated VPN application.

Faster browsing

Having a WARP+ subscription will enhance the app, allowing it to send all your traffic through Cloudflare’s routes. This process speeds up webpage loading times by an average of 30%.

Safe WARP is safe to use and won’t sell any of the data it encrypts. The developers believe in privacy and only encrypt your browser’s history as you visit websites. You don’t have to worry about them prying into any other area of your online privacy such as your IP address.

How to use Warp 1.1 1.1 on Windows?

Offered for free, enhances your internet experience as a DNS service, acting as a recursive name server. It securely routes your DNS queries, protecting your data from being compromised or monetized. Elevating its capabilities, Cloudflare integrates the WARP feature, essentially a built-in VPN service, into

This software presents a dual-mode functionality: the standard mode for DNS queries and the WARP mode, which includes a VPN shield, often the preferred choice. Initiating the software is effortless; activate it with a simple click on a prominent menu button. 

Mode switching is equally straightforward - a click on the gear icon leads you to various settings, from General to Advanced, including the family-safe ' for Families' option. It's important to note that the PC version lacks the WARP+ subscription available on mobile, and occasionally, you might experience variations in loading speeds.

Our take

Overall, w/ WARP is a great application to have, as it's free and provides similar functions to many paid VPNs. Warp uses a modern protocol instead of bouncing your IP address to protect your data. This allows you to stay safe online; not even your own internet service provider can track your online whereabouts.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to keep your online data secure but don’t want to change your region, this app is a fantastic option to download. w/ WARP stands out for its simplicity and minimalistic design, making it a breeze to use even for those unfamiliar with such tools. The interface is crafted with user-friendliness in mind, aimed at enhancing your browsing speed while fortifying your privacy. However, it's worth noting that the PC version doesn't offer access to the premium service found in its mobile counterpart. Additionally, some users might encounter varying loading speeds, a factor to consider when using this application.


  • Optimizes Internet routes
  • Free to use
  • Privacy ensured


  • Doesn’t function like an actual VPN

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