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Webroot: fast and reliable security solutions

If you’re looking for a decent antivirus software, whether it is for personal or professional protection, Webroot is a decent option worth looking into. Webroot offers 'Smarter Cybersecurity solutions' that protect your computer or mobile against viruses and threats whenever you are online. The software has won awards and is said to be one of the best in the market.What sets Webroot apart from its competitors is its affordability and speed. The cloud-based software protects against real-time cyber-attacks using machine learning. It has amassed some major clients after 10 years in the industry, including Cisco, Fujistu and Virgin Media. Following its recent acquisition by Carbonite, together the companies provide server backup, data protection and cybersecurity services. Is Webroot worth the move? You can purchase the 14-day free trial and put it to the test, but first read to the end of this review to see if Webroot is the best protection for your online needs.

Advantages of webroot

Webroot: big protection with a small footprint.

If you are looking for a light and fast antivirus software, then you should definitely check out Webroot. An ultralightweight product that leaves a minimal footprint on your computer without sacrificing efficacy or speed. Webroot offers three types of package. The cheapest option is the SecureAnywhere Antivirus package. The next tier is the Internet Security Plus followed by the Internet Security Complete. Which product is best for you? All three provide anti-ransomware protection, data and identiy security, real-time anti-phishing blocks and a firewall. The second and third tier also protect your smartphone and tablets and protect your logins. The most expensive package will eliminate traces of online activity and give you 25GB of secure cloud storage. Is Webroot a worthy competitor to the big players in the online security industry like Norton and McAfee?

What sets Webroot apart from all other antivirus software is the size. At a mere 15 MB, it takes up a fraction of the 500 MB of space most of the alternatives would require. How is it so small? Unlike most malware protection, Webroot operates from the Cloud. This allows it to perform lightning fast scans. Full system scans will take minutes instead of hours. After installing Webroot, I followed the simple steps and did a full system scan. It took 2.26 minutes to scan 7,481 files. You can choose between the full system scan or specifically for rootkits, trojans or a custom scan. Webroot will also identify potentially unwanted applications and remove programs with adware or unnecessary software. The top tier package has the attractive extra 'Identity Shield' which provides anonymous internet browsing. This protects your personal information, credit card and banking details when you are making purchases online.

What is the catch?

Webroot tests as a thoroughly secure, reliable and efficient malware protection. For home or business, it guarantees speed and affordable protection with minimal space requirements. Any drawbacks? Webroot for Windows was fantastically easy to download, the whole process and full system scan took less than five minutes. On Mac it would not operate on Firefox (only Google Chrome) and did not download the first time around, I followed the instructions in the support section of the website. There was no phone number available or live chat support, but there was a comprehensive list of FAQs, guides and online video tutorials. Note: If you do choose Webroot, make sure to deselect the CD option during the checkout. The installation CD costs an extra ten dollars and is not mandatory to set up the software. Also, while you may find the product for a discounted price on other sites, beware of hidden tax and extra charges. You may find the final price to be the same or more than the official Webroot site.

Where can you run this program?

Webroot is available for Windows and MacOS. The basic package will cover PC and Mac desktops and laptops. The next tier and premium service will also provide malware protection for smartphones, tablets, virtual machines. It operates on Android and iOS devices (including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). Webroot doesn’t run on Linux. The top package allows you to protect up to five computers or devices simultaneously. You can also add Webroot browser extensions to Firefox and Google Chrome.

Note that the basic package Webroot 'SecureAnywhere' is not available for iOS devices. This comes with the second tier package.

Is there a better alternative?

Webroot may be lightweight and fast, but is it the best malware protection for you? Some of the best security software out there includes McAfee and Bitdefender. McAfee has more comprehensive features and extra tools and has a better overall impact on system performance. Unlike Webroot, McAfee offers a two-way Firewall, a file shredder and parental control module. Also, McAfee will let you protect up to 10 devices (including Windows, Mac, Android or iOS devices) with a single license. McAfee is one of the biggest names in the cybersecurity field and the protection comes at a price. For a more budget defense, try Bitdefender. It is also a better alternative for a family package, their Bitdefender Family Pack 2019 works out to be a cheaper solution than Webroot. It offers more instant customer support and overall value for money.

Our take

The more time we spend online the greater the need for protection. Every purchase or data transfer leaves you exposed, and it is key your cybersecurity is ensured. With Webroot you will get protection against spyware, viruses and phishing attacks. For a minimal impact on your computer, instant download and ultrafast system scans, Webroot provides excellent protection. The cloud-based operation makes it one of the fastest security packages on the market and the three tier packages offer flexible solutions. Even the most basic package gives you a pretty comprehensive cover in a simple and user-friendly product.

Should you download it?

Compared with other antivirus software, Webroot is a speedy and light product that takes up minimal space on your computer while offering excellent protection. With a 14-day trial version that requires no credit card and takes seconds to download, do try Webroot. I root for Webroot and it has been a fantastic service at a reasonable price.


  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Cloud-based


  • Support
  • Purchasing
  • Installation

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