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Safe and private browsing

Browse the web faster and safer with Tunnelbear. Choose from many countries to base your location and access localized content from anywhere in the world. Includes up to 5 different devices per account.

Secure browsing

Tunnelbear automatically detects government-blocked websites and apps, and adjust your virtual location to bypass it.

Regular VPN services come in the form of add-ons or extensions that do not include privacy insurance. Tunnelbear serves as an encryption device that protects your data and private information. The app comes with additional servers for P2P sharing and other web accessories that won’t slow down your connection.

Tunnelbear gives you an extra layer of protection by blocking all kinds of trackers on the Internet. These trackers may come from the websites you visit, or your ISP. Downloading this app will prevent any sites or your Internet provider to monitor your online activities. Tunnelbear also stops all ads and cookies before they could make it to your browser.

Connect smoother and faster when you run Tunnelbear. Standard VPN take up a heavy amount of your bandwidth, slowing your streaming and downloads. This app boosts your speed by dodging ISP throttling. Run Tunnelbear on multiple devices and experience no decline in efficiency.

Access restricted content in your area, or any other country. Tunnelbear detects government-blocked websites and apps, and change your location. Your actions stay completely invisible to your ISP, government, or any other data-collecting websites. Download and use any app that would normally be inaccessible in your area.

Where can you run this program?

Tunnelbear runs on Windows and Mac. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Tunnelbear gives you the most protection on the Internet for a low price. You can try using Hotspot Shield or Surfshark, though these may be a bit pricey.

Our take

Tunnelbear delivers high-speed performance and top security. The low price on top of that makes it difficult to find a better alternative.

Should you download it?

Yes. Tunnelbear prioritizes your privacy. Download this app and get full protection.


  • Free to try
  • IP protection
  • Worldwide selection
  • Fast connection
  • Block trackers


  • Speed varies
  • Collect logs
  • No live chat

Program available in other languages

TunnelBearfor Windows

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