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Free isolated sandbox

Sandboxie is a free sandbox utility that helps isolate threats on your computer programs. This software helps keep your system safe by preventing other programs from making permanent changes to your hard drive. While the app resembles a virtual machine (VM), it isn’t one and isn’t as secure as a standard VM.

Enhanced privacy

The Sandboxie provides better privacy for your computer, in a way that’s different to providers like Avast, as you browse the internet or connect to other online services. Any cookies, cached files, and browsing history cannot leak into different sections of your computer. As nothing is saved after use, you won’t have to worry about opening incognito mode on your browser.

Secure web browsing

While running your web browser through Sandboxie, you’ll notice many benefits that enhance your computer’s security. The most prominent use is that you have nearly unlimited downloads. Any malicious content downloaded will be destroyed upon closing the software. 

Email security

Using Sandboxie to log into your email account helps keep malware and other unwanted code away from your computer. As the application isolates your browser, any harmful content cannot leak into your home or WiFi network or interfere with your Windows computer. However, as no data is stored, your browser won’t save or load your passwords while you’re using it within Sandboxie.

Keep Windows running

Sandboxie acts similarly to a virtual machine, loading files and programs without keeping a permanent record of their changes. This feature allows you to prevent cache and other junk files by deleting the information. Through this option, you’ll prevent your computer from developing corrupted memory, lessening the effect on your Windows operating system.

Safe to use

Sandboxie is safe to use and doesn’t include any malicious code that could harm your computer. The software is open-source, allowing anyone to look online for new additions and a brief overview of the code. This transparency makes it easy to trust Sandboxie and its uncommon fixes.

Our take

Sandboxie is a useful software that provides a variety of safety features for your computer. The program creates an isolated section on your desktop that doesn’t save to your PC. Optionally, you can use OpenVZ and Docker Hub as Sandboxie alternatives.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to take extra precautions against malware and tracking cookies, Sandboxie is a great utility to have.


  • Two modes
  • Open sourced
  • Provides secure web browsing
  • Enhances PC privacy


  • Not as secure as a standard VM

Sandboxiefor Windows


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