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Computer security is one of the main concerns many of us have these days. What if someone hacks your PC? Will they be able to access all the folders on it? Folder Lock is an app that removes this concern by safely and securely protecting your folders with high-level encryption.

Folder security

Although it’s possible to use Windows’ own built-in password protection and folder security options, you might want something a bit more robust. Software like Windows BitLocker and AES Crypt incorporates advanced security protocols to keep your folders safe. 

Folder Lock follows suit, with AES (advanced encryption standard) 256-bit security. It’s also possible to use Folder Lock to hide folders, password-protect backups stored on a secure cloud server, and digitally shred any folder you no longer need.

How does it work?

Rather than encrypting the folder and its contents, Folder Lock puts a ‘lock’ on it. This lock is what’s encrypted—think of it as putting your folder in a virtual safe. It can’t be moved or opened by anyone unless you give them the right key. 

The software requires a master password to use. Pop this in, and you can lock and unlock whatever folders you need to. However, there’s a default setting, which means your product serial code can be used, so it’s worth changing this option right away.

Folder Lock also features Hack Security, which can be set to automatically lock your account after several failed password attempts. It’s also possible to configure Folder Lock, so it shuts itself, or even Windows, down. 

Is it free?

You can use Folder Lock for free 25 times before it asks for a serial number. If you ever forget or misplace your master password, you can use the serial number to get a new one. 

Our take

Folder Lock is easy to use and provides a wealth of security options to tweak. Plus, once you pay for Folder Lock, you don’t need to pay again unless you want to update it. Thankfully, if you uninstall it, it doesn’t remove any previously-secured folders. 

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s an affordable folder encryption method that safely hides and locks your data from prying eyes.


  • High-end encryption technology
  • Lock any folder
  • Optional online backup adds even more security


  • Some default settings need changing to improve account security

Program available in other languages

Folder Lockfor Windows


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