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Paid antivirus program

K7 Total Security is a paid-for antivirus where you'll need to purchase a license of one, two, or three years, or their lifetime deal. The software keeps your computer safe from many threats such as viruses and ransomware. The K7 Total Security antivirus also provides enhanced internet security and privacy.

Unfortunately, there are many better alternatives for protecting your computer than K7 Total Security. These programs include some of the best laptop antiviruses, such as Norton 360, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky Anti-virus. The K7 Total Security software fails to meet expectations where it's needed most, such as web protection.

Parental control

K7 Total Security offers parental control options that help you manage your child's computer or mobile device. The software aids with the prevention of harmful ads and other areas of internet security and safety. The program can't monitor or record anything your child does while on the computer or internet.

However, you're able to set a time limit on your child's internet access. This feature prevents overuse of the web and encourages them to find other activities.

Hardware protection

K7 Total Security provides various levels of hardware protection from disabling malware to preventing ransomware from activating on your device. The software also stops the unauthorised use of your webcam, a tool many hackers use to blackmail others. However, one of the more useful features is the data locker that improves the security of your device and keeps your files safe.

Web protection

The K7 Total Security download offers a few internet security features to keep you protected online. The software provides a safe search feature and malicious website blocker to prevent you from entering any harmful sites. The safe search will also block websites known for phishing scams.

However, the most helpful web protection is identity protection, which prevents your personal information from getting retrieved as you browse. Unfortunately, the service doesn't always work to the intended degree.

Our take

Ultimately, K7 Total Security is a mediocre antivirus that's easily matched with better-priced alternatives. The app has the downside of not meeting many user expectations as it runs, leaving you vulnerable to viruses and malware at times. This exposure is why K7 Total Security is not a good antivirus for your computer.

Should you download it?

No. While K7 Total Security is a great option, there are better services for the same price.


  • Easy to install
  • Secure online transactions
  • Fast scans
  • Parental control features to manage your child’s devices


  • Many features aren’t as useful as advertised

K7 Total Securityfor Windows


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