Free, fully customizable media player

XCIPTV Player for Android is an alternative to Android’s standard media player. It has built-in support for streaming, video on demand, catch up TV, and recording content to internal or external memory. The electronic program guide (EPG) is just one feature of this excellently well-equipped player.

What is XCIPTV Player?

XCIPTV is an app for Android that’s similar to Android’s default media player. It doesn’t provide any content itself, so you’re responsible for providing it through your satellite/cable company. This app can play content from OTT (over the top) broadcasters that are available in your location. XCIPTV can even give you program reminders through the EPG.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to download the app, with costs for watching media depending on the specific provider that you’re using. Always remember that you must only watch paid content that you have a legal right to.

How do I set up XCIPTV Player?

Getting the app set up on your Android phone is extremely easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Install the app on your phone
  2. Once you‘ve opened the app, enter the IP address of your content provider
  3. Set up an account through the app
  4. Wait for your content provider to connect the app

Where can I get XCIPTV Player?

The app isn’t currently available in the Google Play store, so you’ll need to do a web search for the developer OTTRUN and download the APK from their site. Once you have XCIPTV Player, you’ll find that it has ExoPlayer and VLC Player built-in so you won’t need any additional software.

Is there a pro version?

Yes, and there’s plenty more features in the pro packages. The monthly pro package gives you much more control over your account, notifications, and customization. The lifetime pro option provides the same content as the monthly subscription but includes only one year of 24/7 support. After a year, you’ll fall back to the “email and ticket support.”

Our take

XCIPTV Player is one of the best IPTV players due to its feature set and its clean, professional-looking UI. Because it's fully compatible with Android smartphones, TV, and tablets, as well as Fire TV, you have an amazing selection of screen sizes to maximize your enjoyment. If you’re looking for alternative IPTV players, two of the most fully-featured are Perfect Player IPTV and GSE Smart IPTV.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re searching for a hub for all your video and streaming needs, XCIPTV Player is a fantastic choice


  • Fully compatible with a range of Android devices
  • Clean, user-friendly UI
  • EPG with program reminders
  • Parental controls


  • Not available through Google Play – download the APK from developer’s site
  • Separate IPTV service required



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