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Tailor-made for your ears

Pandora is an online music streaming service with an automated recommendation system. You vote songs up or down, and Pandora recommends similar songs based on your feedback.

Tailor-made for your ears

If you're looking for new music but don't know where to start, Pandora is the application for you.

Pandora uses an intricate system to bring you new music based on the songs you upvote. This builds an idea of your musical tastes. There are roughly 450 musical attributes that the software takes into account when it suggests music, so you will have a new song to listen to everyday.

Take advantage of their built-in machine that "learns" when a song is a knock-off, in order to keep all music original and top quality.

You can listen to premade stations or create your own. Follow other users' playlists and discover a new music taste. A free subscription will allow you to listen to music with commercials between every 3-4 tracks.

You can skip up to 6 songs every hour. By watching ads, you get access to more song replays and more skips.

Get paid subscription and take your music offline so you can listen on the go. When you sign up, you enjoy better quality of tracks and an ad-free listening experience.

Pandora can also censor explicit lyrics in songs. This is a bonus for members who want a cleaner way to listen to their favorite music.

Where can you run this program?

Pandora is available on mobile and web browsers. It can be downloaded on iOS software on mobile and desktop, as well as Android tablets and phones.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Spotify and Apple Music are similar, but Pandora massively outweighs them. It gets the edge in its attentive music recommendation and program to remove "knock-off" songs.

Our take

Pandora is innovative with its features and unique from other streaming services. It isn't as popular as other software such as Spotify and Apple Music, but definitely should be.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should download Pandora if you're tired of listening to the same few songs. Take advantage of its impressive features and enhance your music streaming experience.


  • Can listen to music for free
  • Song recommendations based on 450 musical attributes
  • Premade genre stations
  • Library of over 1.5 million songs
  • Can censor explicit content


  • Only available in America
  • Free subscription has limitations

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Pandorafor Android


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