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Simple free program for enjoying music

Music Player is a free music player designed to be accessible and elegant. You can share downloaded songs on social media apps, use your music for ringtones and personalized phone alarms, and use the built-in equalizer to change your audio’s bass and reverb settings as you listen.


The app is a music player that plays downloaded audio files. Music Player makes it easy for you to find and play your songs, separating songs into different folders based on the file type. Users can also organize their personal playlists and create their own folders as well. 

Music Player comes with its own YouTube player. It can also provide you with links to song lyrics or music videos for most of your downloaded songs.

To better understand the app’s features and how it works, Music Player provides an FAQ page.

Adding Music

Music Player comes with a YouTube player, but you can’t save any songs you find using the Youtube feature to your playlists. You also won’t be able to access the song’s lyrics page, use the equalizer, share music across other platforms or listen to them while your phone is locked or the app is closed. 

To use many of the music player’s features, you’ll have to add music to the app manually by downloading songs from the internet  to your phone. 

Vs. YouTube Music

After Google Music’s discontinuation, YouTube music was the application that was developed to take its place. However, many users who had used Google Music before were dissatisfied with the alternative and used Music Player instead.

YouTube Music works differently from most music players. Many of its features - compared to Music Player’s features which you can access for free - require you to pay a subscription fee

Our take

Music Player is a simple, reliable, and fun program to use, but it isn’t the best music player available, compared to higher-rated apps like AIMP. It requires some work to use since you will have to look for and download music yourself. Music Player only requires a one-time payment to access the full APK, though it may not be as versatile as its competitors.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a decent Android music player.


  • Easy to use
  • Working equalizer
  • Voice assistant
  • Fast
  • Colorful
  • Thematically customizable


  • No simple way to add music
  • Not very concise or focused

Program available in other languages

Music Playerfor Android


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