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A convenient employee listing tool

SWALife distinguishes itself as a comprehensive resource tailored for Southwest Airlines employees. Unlike general travel apps like TripIt or App in the Air, SWALife consolidates essential information and tools specific to Southwest employees. This includes flight listings, company news, benefits information, and more, all within a single, convenient app. 

This streamlined approach simplifies the employee experience and sets it apart from fragmented solutions.

Efficient non-revenue travel management

A standout feature of SWALife is its non-revenue travel management capabilities. Employees can easily create, retrieve, and cancel non-revenue listings for domestic and international flights directly through the app. This is a significant advantage over manual processes or less integrated systems. The app also provides real-time flight information, allowing employees to stay informed about their travel plans and potential changes.

Enhanced communication and collaboration

SWALife fosters a sense of community among Southwest employees through its communication and collaboration features. The app includes a news feed for company updates, forums for discussions, and even a directory to connect with colleagues. While some airlines offer similar tools through intranets or separate apps, SWALife integrates these features seamlessly, making it a central hub for employee engagement.

Areas for improvement

While SWALife offers a robust set of features, there are areas where it could be enhanced. The app's interface could be more intuitive, particularly for new users. Some features, such as non-revenue listing management, could benefit from a more streamlined process. Compared to more user-friendly apps like United Airlines' Link or Delta's One app, SWALife could improve its overall user experience.

Final verdict

SWALife is a valuable tool for Southwest Airlines employees, consolidating essential information and tools into a single platform. Its non-revenue travel management capabilities and communication features are particularly noteworthy. While the app has room for improvement in terms of user experience, it provides a comprehensive solution for Southwest employees to stay connected, informed, and engaged with their company.


  • Covers domestic and international flights
  • Convenient
  • Password-protected


  • Complicated user interface
  • Sometimes glitchy

Program available in other languages

SWALifefor Android


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