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Monster job search app is a search portal designed to connect applicants and companies. It offers over one million full and part-time roles across the United States. Available for both Android and iOS, this app has a variety of features like mobile resume, swipe to apply, and easy resume upload.

An immersive tool featuring a large database of opportunities

An easy-to-use job search portal that lets you swipe left or right!

Monster job search for Android is a powerful tool for applicants and HR teams everywhere. It boasts of a large network of organizations and has multiple targeting capabilities. The platform allows companies to post vacancies and to locate candidates from across the globe. Consequently, the open positions form a huge database making it ideal for anyone looking for a placement.

Simple and clean interface

For anyone who has used Tinder before, the app’s interface will seem familiar. Monster has a clean UI and creates a card for each job posted. Prospective employees can either swipe right to apply or left to dismiss. Users also get an option to filter positions by location, designation, date posted, salary, and more.

Quick and easy CV uploads

In the app, users can create a profile that can be used as a resume when applying. The profile requires candidates to fill in their name, contact details, current designation, work experience, education, and other information. Once this step is complete, candidates can either upload their resumes or use the instantly created ‘mobile resume’ to apply for an open position.

Fast application process

As mentioned earlier, Monster’s job search portal has an interface that resembles Tinder. This brand new swipe feature has made the application process extremely efficient and easy. Applicants can use the feature to quickly apply or reject options. The app also comes with a career concierge, which brightens resumes and provides salary insights.

Huge network of partners

Monster has been around for a while and as such has a very big network of companies posting openings. The portal comes with a smart search and communications feature, which helps in bringing the right organizations and candidates together.

Where can you run this program?

Monster job search application is free to use and is available on both Android and iOS. While users can apply to vacancies using Monster’s website, the unique swipe-and-apply feature is only available on the mobile version.

Is there a better alternative?

The app has a variety of features that you may not find elsewhere. However, if you’re serious about networking or are looking for a career change, you can also explore LinkedIn and Glassdoor. While both platforms offer vacancies, the former doubles as a social app and the latter comes with an anonymized database of reviews, salaries, and interview procedures.

Our take

The app has a lot of advantages including resume upload, mobile CV, and a swipe to apply option. Nonetheless, some people may be put off by the unconventional Tinder-like interface.

Should you download it?

If you’re considering networking and applying to new positions, you should download the Monster job search app as it can help you find a lot of new opportunities.

Job Search by Monsterfor Android


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