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Paid private calendar application

Proton Calendar is a calendar application that’s free to install but will not function without a Proton account used for its other applications. The app is one of the best and safest calendars due to its end-to-end encryption and other security measures. The many features offered by the app are ideal for planning events.


Proton Calendar is a calendar first and foremost, and it has a variety of features that help it complete this task. While creating an event, you can add emojis to the name or description to liven up the displayed item when the day arrives. Additionally, the interface is easy to navigate, and planning your year requires no convoluted steps.

Secure and encrypted

As a Proton product, the application carries the same degree of security and privacy that Protonmail and ProtonVPN offer. There are no trackers, cookies, ads, or other ways that third-party companies can access your information. Additionally, the application is protected by Swiss privacy laws, ensuring the data cannot leave the country and become leaked to any business.

Extra features

There are many bonus features available that make this encrypted calendar a great choice to install if you’re security conscious. You’re able to set events to recur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly across ten different sets of calendars. There’s also the option to arrange an appointment using any timezone from around the world. Additionally, you can add multiple notifications to a single scheduled item to ensure you don’t miss it.

Requires Proton account

The downside to his calendar app is its limited usage as you required to also have a Protonmail or ProtonVPN account in order to use it. This requirement is, unfortunately, limiting as both options come as paid services

Our take

Overall, the Proton Calendar app is an excellent choice for your Android device, and it will help you stay on track with your yearly activities. It's a competitive alternative to options such as aCalendar or Google Calendar. The end-to-end encryption and privacy laws ensure your data is safe and secure, away from prying eyes.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you have Protonmail or ProtonVPN, then installing this app is a great idea as it integrates seamlessly with other Proton services. The calendar is safe from any unwanted cookies or trackers on your mobile device.


  • Privacy feature
  • Encrypted as it syncs across devices


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    Proton Calendarfor Android


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