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bKash is a free and safe and secure application for paying bills, finding services, and more. The app offers many features and quality of life enhancements that make it easy to use. As you make payments, you’ll see notifications for all transactions, including when you load money into your account.

An easy way to pay

bKash is an easy way to pay your bills and pay for services without going to your local bank. This convenience saves a lot of time as you don’t need to stand in queues. The options available to pay include your utilities such as electricity, internet, and more.

Aside from paying bills, you’re able to quickly pay at shops by scanning QR codes. Additionally, you can use the same method to send money to friends and family. Adding money from your bank account to the app is a requirement before paying bills or friends.


Using bKash is a quick and easy process due to the many quality of life features. You’ll find many shortcuts to popular sections on the main menu, such as sending money and paying bills. 

You can browse through bKash without signing in, viewing all the features available until you’re ready to make an account. Registering is a quick process using your ID and takes only a few minutes.

Offers and suggestions

While browsing bKash, you’ll find many suggestions for various services you can try out. These options include merchants, billers, and services that are often local to you.

Easy to use

bKash is an extremely straightforward application that lets you view statements and perform transactions in moments. With almost all your frequently used items available from the main menu, navigating the app is a breeze.

Check your limit

bKash provides a real-time view of your current funds in your bKash account. If you’re struggling to view this from the application, you can log onto the bKash website from your computer. Using the site is also a great way to sign up and manage other features of your account.

Our take

Overall, bKash is a decent application that allows you to pay bills from your mobile device quickly. Other alternative mobile wallets you can use include Xender Wallet and PhenePe. There are various tools, shortcuts, and other features that make the application easy to use.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you have bills to pay and want a simple solution, installing bKash is a good option if you dislike the alternatives or have no online banking.


  • Quick registration
  • Fast transactions
  • Reliable suggestions
  • Well-designed interface
  • Easy way to pay bills


  • Limited features

Program available in other languages

bKashfor Android


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