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Having access to your library of notes, tables, and written work has never been easier than using this application to keep everything linked on your Google account.

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Work anywhere with Google Docs, a mobile text editor that syncs between devices to give you maximum usability.

Google Docs is a free online service that gives you a powerful text editor in your browser or on most mobile devices. The documents sync to your Google Drive and are available regardless of where you access them. The files get stored in the cloud, and you can download them with ease. This feature is what makes the application so useful.

Thanks to this Google Docs’ cloud storage, you’re able to edit documents on the fly and fix things right before sharing the file. If you’re stuck without internet, you can still read and edit files. The edited files will sync again when you have access to 4G or WiFi. However, only recently viewed files are available offline. If you want other files, you’ll have to mark them for download ahead of time.

Docs on Android is a little bit of a mixed bag. Editing on mobile in general is difficult, but it’s harder to access formatting and sharing tools than on desktop.

You can add images and some formatting on the mobile version, but graphs are a lot harder to work with. Comments are much more difficult to work with here as well.

Where can you run this program?

Google Docs can be run from almost any browser and has applications available for Android and IOS devices.

Is there a better alternative?

No, when it comes to the ability to take your files with you anywhere Google Docs is the best available. But in terms of editing features, Microsoft Office has more.

Our take

Google Doc is a useful tool that lets you edit a document, write a book, or review study notes. Wherever you are, your documents will sync to the cloud.

Should you download it?

Yes, you probably have a Google account, and this application makes file editing a breeze for you and keeps them all easily accessible.


  • Edit on the go
  • Many premade formats
  • Offline editing


  • Lacks features
  • Editing is difficult
  • By default files aren’t available offline

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Google Docsfor Android

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