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Cash App: A great payment solution

The trend of carrying cash is dwindling as more people embrace digital payment methods. Whether it's tapping our smartphones for contactless payments or swiping a credit card for purchases, cash is becoming less common.

In 2013, PayPal made a significant move by acquiring Venmo, a mobile payment service, as part of its vision for the future of payments. Around the same time, Square, a competing transaction company, introduced its own solution called “Cash App," followed by a version tailored for business use, known as "Cash for Business."

The Square Cash app is designed to simplify payment acceptance and money management among friends. It has also become a valuable tool for modern merchants seeking to accept mobile payments effortlessly. Like many other products in Square's portfolio, Square Cash focuses on simplicity and technology to make daily financial transactions more convenient. If you're considering using Square Cash to upgrade your payment strategy, continue reading our Square Cash review for more details.

What is Cash App?

So, what exactly is Cash App? In essence, it's a mobile payment software compatible with both Android and iOS devices. For consumers, the basic Cash App version offers an easy way to send payments to friends and family members.

Cash App for Business, on the other hand, provides additional eCommerce and transactional features tailored for company use. It serves as a streamlined alternative to Square's full-fledged POS system, enabling businesses to receive payments without the complexity of advanced functionalities.

Cash App is particularly well-suited for smaller businesses with modest transaction volumes. Whether you're an individual using the standard app or a small merchant frequently conducting sales at markets and pop-up events, Cash App could be an excellent solution for your payment needs.

Features of Cash App

Notable features of Cash App can be seen below:

  1. Physical card option: Cash App offers the convenience of a physical card, allowing users to make purchases and withdrawals in the physical world, bridging the gap between digital and physical transactions.
  2. Enhanced security: Your financial security is a top priority with Cash App. You can safeguard your transactions using passcodes, Face ID, or Touch ID, ensuring that only authorized users can access and utilize your account.
  3. Swift payments: Cash App is designed for efficiency. Money transfers happen within minutes, enabling you to send and receive funds quickly, even in urgent situations.
  4. No transaction fees: One of the standout advantages of Cash App is that sending money to friends and family members is completely free, saving you from incurring additional costs on your transactions.
  5. Rapid bank deposits: When you receive payments through Cash App, they are deposited into your linked bank account within seconds, providing fast access to your funds.
  6. Intuitive user interface: Cash App boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both newcomers and seasoned users to navigate the app effortlessly.
  7. Business-focused features: Cash App extends its functionality to cater to businesses. It offers features tailored to meet the needs of small enterprises, allowing them to manage transactions, payments, and finances efficiently.
  8. Bitcoin purchase: For those interested in cryptocurrency, Cash App provides the option to buy Bitcoin directly from the app, offering a seamless entry point into the world of digital currencies.

Is Cash App free?

Before you decide to download any application, whether it's for business purposes or personal use, you're likely to consider the cost factor. Nobody wants to break the bank for their tech tools. Fortunately, Cash App offers a cost-effective solution as it is completely free to use for individuals and businesses alike.

You can easily download the app from either the iOS or Android store and start utilizing its features without incurring any charges. However, for users opting for the business version, there is a standard per-transaction fee of 2.75%, which is a common practice for payment processing solutions tailored to businesses.

It's important to be aware that Cash App will apply a 3% fee when you link a credit card to the app for payment purposes. This fee is associated with the higher processing costs typically associated with credit card transactions. Nonetheless, Cash App remains a cost-effective and user-friendly option for managing your financial transactions.

How good is Cash App?

Once you know how much your new app is going to cost, the next step is learning how to use it.

Getting started with the Cash App for Business solution is as simple as downloading the app onto your phone. You will need to create an account on the Cash app website too – but that's pretty much basic for any payment app.

When you sign in, Cash App will ask for your mobile number and email address, so that the team can get in touch if necessary – or provide you with lost password details. You'll also need to link a debit card.

The interface itself is very similar to what you would see on something like the PayPal app. Everything is clean and straightforward, so you can send and receive payments in no time.

Final thoughts

Ultimate, if you're looking for a simple and affordable way to make and receive payments online, then it's hard to go wrong with Cash App. It might not be ready to unseat PayPal for the mobile commerce throne quite yet, but it still has plenty to offer.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Free download available
  • Users can earn instant discounts
  • Siri-enabled


  • Poor customer service
  • Reported bugs
  • Long refund process

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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