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A wallet-less life

Cards - Mobile Wallet is an easy way to store bank and loyalty cards on your mobile device without needing to carry them with you constantly.

All in one place

Cards - Mobile Wallet removes the need to continually carry all your cards with you by storing their information on your phone.

Banking cards have made life easier, lessening the burden of carrying a lot of cash at once. However, once you start keeping credit, debit, and each store’s loyalty cards, your wallet is fuller than ever. Cards is the app that stores these all on your phone and lessens the heap of plastic in your pocket.

The app is safer than carrying a wallet as it can be remotely locked. As added security, each card can use a pin or fingerprint as security while all your sensitive data is double encrypted and stored on the cloud.

The Cards app allows you to use many features without needing to download each store or bank’s specific application. This includes the messages that each company sends for your cards about benefits and promotions.

Cards Quick Card™ allows you to instantly access any card without needing to open the app itself. This is great for saving time and enhances usability while retaining your cards.

There is a major flaw with this application. Often when accessing the app itself to adjust details, it will time out and crash. If you do succeed and log in, there’s a further threat of the app not syncing with the internet and showing accurate data.

Where can you run this program?

Cards - Mobile Wallet is available for Android 4.1 and up as well as iOS 8.0 and later.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Cards - Mobile Wallet is an amazing app that can store both banking and loyalty cards, unlike VirtualCards, that only stores coupons and loyalty cards.

Our take

Cards is a great application that makes your pockets lighter. In a cashless world, there’s no longer a need for a wallet with this app.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a way to lighten your pockets and your wallet, then this app is a perfect choice for the job.


  • Keep cards on your phone
  • Perform card tasks without downloading extra apps
  • Read messages from card brands


  • Often times out when logging in

Cards Mobile Walletfor Android


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