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Immerse yourself in a world of music on the go

Spotify continues to be the go-to music listening platform for many around the world. No surprise there, really. With its easy-to-access download for all platforms, you can finally jam out to your favorite songs at home, in the office, or on the go.

Press play and dance to the beat

Whether you’re a diehard music fan or just like to listen to an occasional song on the way to work, Spotify brings together an impressive collection of music for every interest and person.

At first sight and use, the flagship app is exactly what any consumer expects for selecting and playing music songs. It is clean and simple, and rather simple to use. You have a wide array of music choices, from the rhythmic blues of Ella Fitzgerald to the hottest release of Jennifer Lopez. Regardless of what headphones you’re wearing and the state of your Android, count on the fact that this app will stream a minimal level of quality music. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what everyone wants? Quality music.

For those new to the platform, Spotify offers its vast music selection for free. There are the typical commercials that pop up between some songs, but that’s all right. The many choices for songs outweigh whatever 30-second ad. Although, if you’re interested in only listening to music, ad-free, Spotify Premium is an attractive offer. You simply subscribe to the package and pay a monthly fee, and voilà- Goodbye commercials and hello ongoing playlists. As a whole, the Premium deal makes for a more enjoyable user experience: you can download music (ideal if you’re travelling by plane or in an area with no wifi), skip songs that you’re not feeling, and take advantage of recommended songs made by the music listening brand.

In any case, whether you go for Premium or not, take advantage of the many perks that Spotify boasts. When you open the app, the platform starts you off with what you have listened to most recently. Want to discover new music that captures your music tendencies? Don’t worry. With Spotify’s recommended playlists, you get music personalized to your interests. You have customized playlists that are daily mixes of older songs and even sing-alongs. The easy-to-use interface allows you to scroll down and right to find the music for the occasion. And if you are having trouble looking for that one particular song, just head down to the bottom and click on search. Simply browse different genres or listen to podcasts or radio with one quick tap. The radio feature is great, because you can unveil the music most related to your interests and keep it playing into the night.

Still not 100% sold on this platform? One of the cooler features of Spotify is that you can find music for studying or exercise. Just got out of a relationship? That’s okay, because there’s even a breakup list to help you through those tough days. In layman’s term, Spotify matches the perfect song for any situation in question.

If there are some drawbacks about the app, it’s that Spotify’s settings are a bit simplified. You can definitely make some minor modifications like hiding unplayable songs or deactivating explicit content, but there is not much more than that. Spotify does not do as well to give users more insight about Settings and how some changes can enhance music listening experience. However, it’s worth mentioning that the company makes up for the latter with fast responses to queries or doubts. There is also a good amount of online advice for troubleshooting for the app; although, you will most likely not need it at all.

Where can you run this program?

Spotify is available on different devices, including Android and iPhone, as well as Mac and Windows.

Is there a better alternative?

No. You will find that Google Play Music and Apple Music are competitors, yet Spotify leads the music listening market. Google Play Music is doable if you have a wide selection of your own music, but why use that when you can easily find and store it all in playlists on Spotify. Similarly, there are other options, such as Deezer and Wave, but if you haven’t already heard of them, it’s for a reason. Spotify acts as a one-stop platform to discover, listen, store, and share music from all genres, from around the world. 

Our take

The digital music service offers a great selection of music, podcasts, and radio. Because of all these positive features, Spotify encompasses much of what music lovers are looking for. It is hard to find a competitor that can face the stronghold that this company has in the music streaming business.

Should you download it?

Yes. You will be surprised by the music that you can find on this platform. Its daily and weekly recommendations of songs will have your ears pricked up, as you look forward to discovering perhaps, your next favorite jam. Of course though, if you have already curated your own music or feel as though, you’d like more control over playback, then Spotify may not be your first choice.


  • Vast array of artists and songs
  • Simple to follow
  • Recommends songs based on prior music heard
  • Podcasts available
  • Ad-free under Premium


  • Annoying ads on Free version
  • Hard to modify music playback
  • Some artists and songs are not available

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Spotify Musicfor Android

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