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Google Play Music is a free music and podcast app, offering users a platform to listen to with an endless number of songs from a never-ending list of genres. Whether looking for tracks to listen to during the long morning commute or just to enjoy with some friends on a Friday night, this music app has you covered. Unfortunately, Google has discontinued the app, and Youtube Music has replaced it.


Google Play Music features ad-supported music, radio, and podcasts. You can upload up to 50,000 songs onto the app and listen to them anywhere with internet access. You also get recommendations based on your frequented types of music and it also has a dark mode. 

The app offers a subscription service, either for an individual or for a family of up to six, which allows you to listen to tracks ad-free and download songs and podcasts to listen to offline. You can also get a Youtube Music Premium Membership. 

Youtube Music

If you attempt to use the app on your Android device now, you will receive a suggestion to use Youtube Music instead. If you click on the link, the app redirects you to the online platform to get instant access to some of the top artists. There is also a Youtube Music app which you can download.

Unfortunately for many users, if they did not save their custom Google Play Music song lists, they would have lost it all. 

Other Alternatives

SoundCloud is a top-rated streaming service for music. To use it, you’ll have to create an account. The app offers an excellent interface, tons of different songs to listen and Facebook integration.

Spotify Music is another popular go-to when it comes to streaming audio. Like Soundcloud, it offers many different genres of music and a sleek interface to boot. 

Our take

Unfortunately, the app is no longer in use, so we can’t say much about it, but other users' experiences say they appreciated the ability to save their songs on Google Play Music. 

Should you download it?

No, as the app is no longer available. You can instead download Youtube Music which has replaced it.


  • Used to offer a great platform for saving tracks
  • There were few ad interruptions
  • Came pre-installed on many devices


  • No longer available

Program available in other languages

Google Play Musicfor Android


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