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Cross DJ Pro: two-channel DJ mixing app

Cross DJ Pro is an app that lets you mix between two channels using a visual interface that is similar to a traditional deck.

Two-channel mixing

In the most basic sense, Cross DJ Pro aims to emulate physical DJ decks using a touch screen interface. The virtual decks come complete with the typical fade and EQ sliders you might expect to find on real decks, not to mention the decks themselves. The app works with songs on your device and can also stream directly from SoundCloud.

Fully interactive virtual decks

Everything on the virtual deck is intractable, allowing the user to treat their touch-screen virtual decks as though they were the real thing. At the top of the screen is a waveform display for each channel that also acts as a “needle drop”, and the spinning platters even display the album art of the track currently being played. You can use the platters to scratch, pitch, and spin back like you would with physical decks.

Our take

Cross DJ Pro is a very full-featured application, from the basic functionality of replicating a physical set of decks, to samplers, effects, and even the ability to link to Ableton. There are even hotcues, allowing you to cue up audio clips to play at the press of a button, making it ideal for a podcast or radio use.

Should you download it?

If you need a DJ mixing app and want to keep the physical control that decks and sliders give you, few apps are as fully-featured as Cross DJ Pro. There are other apps to try of course, such as the in-depth Virtual DJ, and the lighter Virtual DJ Mixer.


  • Fully featured virtual DJ decks
  • Plenty of additional features, such as effects, and link to Ableton
  • Waveform display
  • Platters can be stopped, scratched, and spun like real DJ platters


  • Works best when paired with Ableton, which means having an additional computer in your setup

Program available in other languages

Cross DJ Profor Android


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