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Ditty: create silly songs from plain text

Ditty was an app that allowed you to create fun and silly songs and mini music videos from plain text entries.

Make music without musical knowledge

The basic premise of Ditty was that the user could simply input a plain text sentence and, using remote servers and machine learning algorithms, a song small song and accompanying video would be returned. The use case for Ditty was mostly for fun—easily creating silly videos with little or no skill required—however, it was also useful for musicians looking for inspiration, who had perhaps written a good lyric but could not think of a melody.

Multiple songs to choose from

Essentially, Ditty combines a text-to-speech engine with an auto-tune function, converting the words the user enters into spoken word and then making those words fit the song. There were several songs to choose from, as well as a vast library of GIFs to combine with the music to make short music videos.

Our take

Ditty was an example of an entertaining use of technology for no particular reason other than the amusement factor. There were some practical uses for the app, but it was mostly just used to make humorous little videos. Despite the popularity of the app, it was shut down in 2019, and the fact that it relied on remote servers to handle the processing work means it no longer functions.

Should you download it?

While you can still download the app, it no longer functions due to the servers that powered it being shut down. However, it seems likely that Ditty was just an early example of a trend of AI generated content, which includes other kinds of art as well as music, and while there is no direct replacement for Ditty at the moment, there could be one in the very near future.


  • No skill or expertise required to make music
  • Could create mini music videos to accompany the music
  • Extremely simply interface, easy to use


  • No longer available

Dittyfor Android

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