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Music-lovers, rejoice! Mixcloud could be the program for you.

Mixcloud is a free music streaming service that allows users to upload and share radio shows, podcasts and DJ mixes. Mixcloud can bring your listening experience to a new level.

Better than Spotify

Mixcloud is the “YouTube of radios” for its rich, extensive audio culture.

If you are a music enthusiast, you’re going to love this app. The app offers a wide selection of audio including 30 music genres and 10 talk shows. In each category, you can find endless tracklists curated by the like-minded community. You can select your country to view the localized chart and Mixcloud will suggest more personalized content once you start listening.

Both desktop and mobile versions have a very clean interface with separate screens for Feed and Categories. The “Now Playing” screen gives a focus feeling with minimal design. It allows syncing your listening experience across all devices, so you won’t be interrupted in the middle of your favorite mixtape.

Mixcloud also makes room for community interaction with a music feed just like Facebook. You can comment directly on the tracks, follow creators and DJs you like, and repost their work to show your support.

Last but not least, music creators and DJs have a chance to promote their work for free. Mixcloud Select is a feature that supports artists. From $2.99/ month, users can subscribe directly to their favorite channel and enjoy exclusive contents as well as offline listening. Meanwhile, artists get 60% from the earnings.

Where can you run this program?

Like most music streaming platforms, you can access Mixcloud on your web browser or download it to your iOS or Android phone.

Is there a better alternative?

No. SoundCloud doesn’t offer much in the way of podcasts and shows. Spotify also lets you create your own radio channel, but doesn’t allow uploading any track or interacting with others.

Our take

Mixcloud is a great place to discover new music and connect with audiophiles around the world. If you are a DJ, promoting your tracks on Mixcloud could gain you many fans!

Should you download it?

Yes, give it a try. Whatever mood you’re in, there will be a playlist that match your feelings. Listen to music wherever you go.


  • Free with add-ons
  • Cross-platform streaming
  • Large community
  • Localized contents


  • No offline listening
  • Include ads
  • Customer support is absent

Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixesfor Android


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