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Share files between your devices for free

Samsung Flow is a free quality-of-life application that you can easily download to your Android phone, tablet, or PC (Windows 10 specifically). Using Flow, you can share images, audio, and video files between your phone and tablet/PC. 

Basics of Samsung Flow

Flow is a Samsung extension that allows you to sync your Android phone to your computer. To use it, you'll need to have the Samsung Flow app downloaded on your phone from the app store, and the Flow application installed on your PC from the Microsoft store. 

The application is completely free to use and doesn't cost anything to download.

How to use Samsung Flow

Using your PC (or phone if you'd like) open the Flow extension and select if you want to connect with your other device via Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, or USB cable. 

After your devices are synced, you can share various kinds of files between your PC/tablet and phone, from image files like PNG and JPEG to even video files like MP4. 


Along with sharing multiple files between your two devices, you can also use the Samsung Flow extension to view notifications from between your two devices under the extension's 'notifications' tab. You can also use Flow to mirror your phone screen to your PC and control both devices through your computer.

Unlike similar apps such as Airdroid or Pushbullet, Samsung Flow can't send SMS messages or manage and make phone calls. However, while Pushbullet and Airdroid are free to download with ads, and offer premium service, the Flow app is completely free to use on all Android products, including Samsung electronics. 

Many popular alternatives to Flow like Airdrop, are compatible with both Android and iOS, while Flow isn’t. However, installing Android's official file transfer application onto your Mac will allow you to use Samsung Flow with your Mac computer as well. Samsung Flow won't work on iPad unfortunately.

Our take

Samsung Flow works as it should. It’s simple to work with as a free program, and almost feels as if Flow was meant to be built into all Samsung devices as a special feature. It is a very basic tool, and while it might not be as fleshed out as Airdroid or Pushbullet, what it does do as a free app, it does exceptionally well.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you need to transfer items between your smartphone and other devices.


  • Simple to use
  • Official app with little risk of malware.
  • Effective
  • Quick.


  • Basic, bare bones.
  • Not completely compatible with iOS

Samsung Flowfor Android

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