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Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, so why should they all look the same? Girl Font Flipfont provides a variety of font styles that you can use to match your phone’s appearance with your style.

Switch up your UI font

With Girl Font Flipfont, you can add a touch of your style to your device for free. This app has no affiliation with Monotype Imaging’s innovative software FlipFont and is much less impressive in terms of features and functionality.

Once this app is installed on your Samsung phone or tablet, you can add your custom font straight through your settings. There are minimal typography options when compared to the competition, but you can still choose from styles ranging from modern sans serif to funky handwritten fonts.

This app is designed to be used explicitly on Samsung Galaxy devices that are using the TouchWiz. Flipfont is directly on the interface, so you don't have to tinker in the root of your device. To switch your fonts, you'll have to navigate to your device's display settings to select from this pack.

Where can you run this program?

This app only runs on Samsung Galaxy devices with an Android OS.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, FlipFont from Monotype is a superior alternative app that offers a massive selection of fonts available in different languages.

Our take

This Girl package includes too few fonts and is limited in terms of compatibility. While it offers a free way of switching up the UX for Galaxy users, it doesn’t deliver.

Should you download it?

No. If you want to change your UI font, you should download the trademarked FlipFont from Monotype Imaging.


  • Free fonts


  • Minimal selection of fonts

Flipfontfor Android


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