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Phone package disabler

Package Disabler Pro is an app that allows you to disable software packages that are installed on your mobile phone. This allows you to manipulate your phone’s code without triggering security measures such as Knox.


Package Disabler Pro is designed around removing or disabling unwanted packages from your phone. These packages are typically pre-installed on the phone or installed with updates and can’t be affected without rooting your phone. Package Disabler Pro allows you to manipulate these without voiding your phone's warranty via rooting or tripping the integrated Knox Security.

The app also has the functionality to remove bloatware that takes up large portions of your phone’s space. Along with these functions, there’s an import and export function that allows you to transfer your disabled list between devices that share the app.


The app developer doesn’t have a refund policy, despite their claims on the Google Play page. If users decide that they don’t wish to use the app, they’ll find it impossible to recover their payment. The information on the developer website is also inconsistent, and several apps from this developer have been removed from the Google Play store.

The app has a majority of negative reviews on Google Play. Most reviewers claim that the version on Google Play is non-functional. There has been no response from the developer, as so many questions have been left unanswered.


There aren’t many apps that perform the same tasks as Package Disabler Pro. App Freezer and Package Disabler Pro for LG by OEM Developer are a couple of alternatives. Package Disabler Pro for LG is more situational than App Freezer, offering only support for LG devices but having a much more active development team.

App Freezer, as the name implies, is able to freeze, or otherwise disable apps and packages running on your phone. While it doesn’t enable you to remove them, it allows you to stop them from taking up RAM. This app is also free, compared to the other options which require payment up front.

Our take

Package Disabler Pro is an app that’s difficult to trust, despite the apparent reliability of the app's functions. It doesn’t always start up and is prone to several critical errors such as failure to disable some packages.

Should you download it?

No, there are alternatives that are more trustworthy


  • Enables full control of phone processes
  • No rooting required


  • No refunds
  • Unresponsive, untrustworthy developers
  • Inconsistent information

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Package Disabler Pro Owner APP All Androidfor Android


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