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NVMS7000 is a security camera viewing and managing app designed for homes and businesses. The app is available on Android devices, but not for PC, and is one of the top security managing apps listed on Google Play.


NVMS7000’s primary feature is the ability to remotely view, record, and play back camera footage from a linked security network. This is done through an internet connection by connecting to the security network IP address. 

The app allows you to view up to 16 channels in real time, analyze behavior, and detect when postage is shipping to your door. Alongside this, the app also allows for intelligent thermal detection.

So long as the phone and the networked cameras are connected to a reliable internet connection, the footage can be viewed from anywhere in the world.


Due to the connection to the Internet, there’s a distinct and inherent security risk present at all times for both homes and businesses. Its connection to the Internet results in an entrance point to any hacker of a basic skill level who wishes to breach your security. The app doesn’t advertise itself as possessing an encryption of any kind to deter hackers.

Alongside with this, the app doesn’t work on modern Android devices. The app has a history of failing and not allowing individuals to view their security feed, even while on the same network as the security network.


There are a great deal of apps that allow you to view your security camera network remotely. NVMS7000 has to contend with the likes of both Amcrest View Pro and the OWLR Multi Brand IP Cam Viewer. These three apps both boast the same capabilities of allowing you to view your linked cameras through your phone via the Internet.

The biggest difference is with the OWLR Multi Brand IP Cam Viewer. This app boasts security encryption, and a shutdown feature that prevents the app from functioning in the background by cutting the security feed. Unlike the other two presented, OWLR Multi Brand IP Cam Viewer has measures to deter hackers.

Our take

NVMS7000 is an app designed for home and business security camera management. The app allows you to view your cameras remotely through an internet connection. However, the connection may be unsafe due to the hazards of the Internet itself.

Should you download it?

No, there are better alternatives for the same price.

NVMS7000for Android


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