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Music just for you

People constantly look for new ways to listen to music. It gets challenging to find a streaming service that gets you. But this one might.

An array of content awaits

iHeartRadio will generate your own personalized station using their top-notch algorithm.

Downloading the free app is a good way to stay tuned to live local and international radio stations. Listen to your favorites and discover new ones in the app’s library. The collection includes genres like news, tech, and comedy.

Follow sports events closely in the same app you listen to music with. Baseball, football, other types of games are covered around the clock. Fox, ESPN, and other reputable channels launch broadcasts here.

This app makes sure it provides a comprehensive audio service. Never miss an episode of the podcasts you’re following. Enjoy shows like NPR, How Stuff Works, Invention, and more on any of your compatible devices.

Elevate any event with the perfect soundtrack

Curate a playlist for any road trip, parties, and other events here. Set the vibe with the perfect soundtrack to match any particular mood. Aggregate songs through a thematic scheme like genre, era, and more. You can also listen to thousands of existing playlists the app offers. 

The app uses an algorithm to create a playlist for every user. A personalized station will be dedicated to you. Songs that you listen to frequently will be found in this collection.

Get more with Premium

Users who upgrade get more control over how they listen. Getting a plan will give you access to ad-free listening as well as downloading songs for offline use, even the ones from the radio. Premium users also get to skip songs anytime with no limits.

Where can you run this program?

Listen to music the iHeartRadio way with your iOS and Android devices. The fun does not stop with just those devices alone. Run the app on your PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more.

Is there a better alternative?

Spotify is also a freemium music streaming provider. This alternative allows users to support artists. Each stream amounts to royalties for the musician. You will also get access to playlists containing songs you listen regularly as well as new music.

Our take

This free music app has an okay looking interface. It’s not super remarkable, but it does the job. While the app certainly isn’t the most used streaming service out there, iHeartRadio still has a respectable user base. 

Should you download it?

Nope. There are other apps in the market that will give you more. Unfortunately, the app isn’t as versatile as we had hoped.


  • Free
  • Listen to music on demand
  • Allows access to AM and FM radio


  • Relatively small music collection
  • Ads
  • No family plan

Program available in other languages

iHeartRadiofor Android


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