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Vigo Video is a free application for sharing short videos with the online world. The clips are limited to just 15 seconds and anyone can upload their footage. Most users download the app to share funny clips, but the app suffers from countless uploaders uploading clickbait without any decent content.

Share short videos

Vigo Video is a social media platform with the intent of letting you and other users share almost anything you want in short videos. As the footage length is only 15 seconds, the items are often quirky and bizarre. There are multiple categories for uploads within the app, including lip-syncing, food trips, dance battles, and more.

This app is a fantastic way to show off your talents or ideas in just 15 seconds. It uses an AI to add filters and assign the content’s categories. As videos are concise, they thrive due to people’s creative ideas under limitations.

Chat with others

With the sizable user-base present on Vigo Video, you can chat and share ideas with fans and other creators quite often. To initiate a conversation, you’ll have to ask to connect to another user and await their approval. You can send messages and videos privately if the person has accepted your request.

Low-quality content

Unfortunately, Vigo Video has minimal content regulations and shows poorly made videos frequently. It’s developed by Bytedance, the Chinese publisher behind Tik Tok, and it offers low-quality content due to its limitations on users. However, it does offer a few tools to help enhance your content.

Additional features

The Vigo Video app offers a range of filters and effects to use on the videos. You can add stickers to hide your face or use a tool that highlights your body. Additionally, you can take advantage of the built-in video editor to enhance your footage before you finalize and publish it.

Our take

Overall, Vigo Video is an average application that has a few entertaining aspects to it. However, unlike Tik Tok, it isn’t nearly as popular and has a shorter time limit for videos. If you like the Vigo Video app, you may enjoy another similar video-sharing social media app Likee.

Should you download it?

No. If you’re looking for a short video-sharing application, there are many better alternatives for you to use.


  • Share short videos
  • Large user-base
  • Many features


  • Filled with clickbait
  • Content not as great as other platforms

Vigo Videofor Android


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