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FREE remote security management

NVMS7000 is a free remote management app that lets you connect to your network IP capable surveillance system for free and from your iOS device. You can now watch and ensure the safety of your home or business from any location.

Main features 

The app supports live view mode which lets you watch your cameras in real-time. This convenient feature presents you with the choice to preview up to 16 channels total in live-view. NVMS7000 also offers a playback option to review any recorded feed; this is particularly useful in the case of break-ins and other crimes. 

What if you’d like to catch the intruder as they enter the property? 

The app has alarm support for motion detection and the like, and it’ll send a push notification straight to your phone wherever you are.

Do your cameras seem ‘off’? 

If you notice that a camera is misaligned, facing the wrong direction, or you need to get a closer look at something, you can quickly pan, tilt or zoom your camera with simple PTZ control. 

How to add cameras 

You can manage up to 100 different devices from the app itself - where you’ll be able to modify, add, or delete them as needed. You can add cameras manually by scanning a QR code, or through Wi-Fi configuration.

Custom settings

The software presents you with plenty of custom settings to suit your specific needs. From the ability to adjust the quality based on your network performance, adjusting brightness to manual recording videos, and taking pictures, this remote-management app is packed full of useful settings.

Our take

NVMS7000 is an excellent app if you need a convenient way to monitor your business or home. It is especially useful if you travel frequently and will not be at the location very often. Once you’ve completed your camera setup, it’s just a matter of connecting the cameras to the app - it’s that easy.

Should you download it?

Yes, whether you want to ensure the security of a location or make sure that business operations are running smoothly, this app is for you.


  • Easy to use
  • PTZ control
  • Alarm push notifications


  • Awkward interface

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

NVMS7000for iOS


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