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Free video-sharing application

Likee Lite is the free lightweight version of the Likee application. Singapore-based company Biggo Technology owns the platform. The Lite version saves battery life on smart devices and requires substantially fewer bytes.

This form of the program offers parental control features and overlays typical to video-sharing applications.

Lite makes you shine

Likee brings you a compact version of the full service that is under 30MB. With over 100,000,000 installs of the app on the Google Play store, the user community is massive and expanding daily. Adding the various themes and filters to your video content makes for a wholly new experience.

This version uses less battery power to run, so your processor won’t overheat. Updates are available regularly to keep the software running efficiently. Minimum system requirements include Jelly Bean, the 4.1 update of Android, and a mid-range camera. 

It does seem as though they’ve taken inspiration from TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, though this does not weaken the legitimacy of the product in any way. The magic filter offers you tools similar to those from Facebook and YouTube, albeit with minor differences. 

Support for system errors does exist if you encounter any issues but general support is available for downloading APK files. Android package kit (APK) files are usually released prior to the app being released on the Play Store. These kits offer early access to software updates and new editing tools. 

Points to note

Security concerns regarding data storage and management are always key for users. Parental controls give you assurance when downloading Likee Lite. You can set content controls in the settings tab. We recommend that you always check apps before allowing children to use them due to the possibility of age-inappropriate content. 


In order to set up your profile you will need to upload a verification video of yourself and complete some basic information. Next, you will be asked to link a phone number, after which you’ll be all set. The process is seamless and takes less than 3 minutes. Within a short time, you will be broadcasting live videos to fans.

Our take

All social video-sharing platforms offer a stage to create and produce videos for nearly every type of personality. Downloading Lite comes with the usual precautionary controls.

Should you download it

Yes. If you download it you will find an interesting community of individuals. Likee Lite is fun and offers you a new perspective.


  • Available as a free download
  • The app creates a profile for you
  • Online support is available for troubleshooting


  • No visible consent required
  • Possibility of adult themes and images

LIKEE Lite Magic Video Communityfor Android


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