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MX Player Pro is the paid version of the comprehensive Android media player app. It supports multiple video formats, plays audio, and leaves plenty of room for customizing your viewing activities. From changing the color scheme to enabling and disabling buttons, this tool has you covered.

MX - this time with donations

Pro is the MX Player version that lets you monetarily support the developers. Once you have the original video player on your Android, you can purchase the premium version via the user interface. The feature scope doesn’t increase much, but the purchase does remove all ads.

MX works across devices with the Android operating system, bringing its robust functionalities to screens both large and small. Unlike Plex, however, it doesn’t run on other platforms to provide a unified user experience.

Comprehensive and powerful

This program’s primary purpose is content viewing, which becomes a breeze thanks to the intuitive user interface and the support for multiple file formats.

Subtitle tools are another highlight MX runs multiple text file types, features a control function, and synchronizes the subtitles with audio. The title gestures let you enlarge, shrink, and move the text across the touch screen with ease.

Advanced functionalities

Apart from playing your videos, MX boosts your quality of entertainment with several advanced capabilities. 

Most notably, the hardware acceleration tool makes playing high-resolution files on your phone incredibly efficient. If you own a high-end Android device, the multi-core decoding facilitates the task even further. 

Like with GOM Media Player, you can explore a variety of video codecs to find the most optimal solution for each piece of content.

The smart lock is also handy, preventing other apps and phone calls from stopping your video. All you need to do is grant the requested permission to display over other apps in your system’s settings.

Our take

Overall, MX Player Pro isn’t that different from the free app. You can enjoy all the same features but also support the developer. Either way, the features are fantastic for any videophile trying to enhance their viewing experience. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you like the base app. It’s a terrific way to show your support to the creators while maximizing your use of this powerful program.


  • Comprehensive format options
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Multi-core decoding
  • Fantastic subtitle support
  • Ad-free display


  • Advanced features can be confusing

Program available in other languages

MX Player Profor Android


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