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Hulu possesses many of the same TV shows and movies found on cable, but without the hidden costs and hefty fees.

Hulu for Android is a feature-filled app. This popular streaming service is similar in options to cable. You'll use your high-speed internet connection and Android device to stream movies and shows.

Users pay a monthly fee for access to the Hulu library without any content consuming caps. The perk of using Hulu is having the freedom to begin, end, or change your subscription whenever you need. You won't be stuck paying for a service you aren't using.

You won’t have to deal with long-term service commitments or the charges that go along with it. Hulu offers transparent pricing. Some of the pricing tiers do correlate to the amount of ads you’ll have to view.

If ads are a deal-breaker for you, know you’ll need to pay more to get the ad-free, uninterrupted experience you want.

Hulu and Ads

Hulu and Hulu + Live TV subscribers sit through ads while streaming any of the on-demand content available in the Hulu library. Anyone who demands an ad-free experience will have to choose the more expensive Hulu (No Ads) or Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV options.

As a basic Hulu subscriber, your household can have up to two different devices streaming content. Live TV and Unlimited Screens can stream from up to three out-of-home mobile devices, while Live TV, Unlimited Screens, and Premium Add-ons can watch premium content on five screens.

Add in popular networks like Showtime, HBO, STARZ, and/or Cinemax whenever you want. Yes, it will cost an extra fee each month. But, you won’t have any ads within those add-on services.

Do note that those network add-ons may affect the number of out-of-house devices capable of streaming at the same time.

Like cable, Hulu DVR lets you record up to fifty hours. You can’t game the system here. You will still have to sit through the ads. For that ad-free DVR option, you’ll have to bump up to a different pricing tier.

If you keep filling up your DVR storage, you’ll have to pay more with the Enhanced Cloud DVR add-on for a whopping 200 total hours of recorded TV.

Personal and customized TV

You won’t need to share profiles in the Hulu app either. Create profiles for up to six different people, and even kids, so everyone can access favorite shows that much faster.

Tastepicker will help you get up to speed by asking about your favorite shows, movies, and genres. If you choose to play along, tap the items that fit your tastes, so Hulu can better tailor your experience. If you bypass the option on accident, it will pop up again.

Hulu gives you more ways to customize your TV-viewing downtime. Save favorite shows and movies, like or dislike movies, delete titles from your watched movie list, and remove suggestions.

Getting started with Hulu

You’ll have to begin a free trial to test the TV-streaming service. Hulu no longer offers a free version. Sign in or begin the trial to dive deep into Hulu’s library.

The available shows aren’t one-off programs or specials, but quality TV. Hulu does contribute its own highly praised and award-winning house-made content. It’s the home of big shows like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Castle Rock,” “Marvel’s Runaways,” and “Minding the Gap.”

TV networks like ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS have deals with Hulu, allowing the platform to provide consistent, on-demand programming of all kinds of content.

What’s more, Hulu coordinates with regional sports networks and broadcast affiliates all over the US to supply local programming from your area within the service. Check your area within the app to determine your coverage.

Search for something to watch by browsing the library, performing a search, or using categories. Hulu strives to make choosing what to watch that much easier with unique categories.

These categories reveal the most popular shows or things someone interested in a specific genre would enjoy. It’s one area in which Hulu excels in matching its subscribers with related content.

Fans of edgy animation, crime and justice, and popular dramas are a few ways Hulu strives to make choosing what to watch that much easier and a little more fun.

Where can you run this program?

This program will run on Android 5.0 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

TV-streaming apps like NetFlix offer many of the same features. Hulu prices run higher than Netflix. But, Hulu updates its platform with new episodes fast. You won't have to wait long. Hulu updates within twenty-four hours the show aired. It's where Netflix lags behind.

Both Netflix and Hulu produce their own programs. Although the two services have award-winning original series, Netflix has the edge in terms of popularity and number. When it comes to well-known programming, Netflix has exclusive rights to stream die-hard favorites like “Friends” and “The Office,” and unlike Hulu, you’ll never sit through a mid-show commercial.

For convenient, on-the-go TV watching, Netflix and Hulu serve different purposes. If live TV and blazing-fast show updates are more your speed, Hulu could be the best option.

Our take

Hulu offers strong programming, a sizeable library, and multi-level pricing. Although Hulu can run higher than other streaming entertainment services, it could help you cut the cable cord.

Should I download it?

Yes, you should download Hulu. Try the free trial to get a feel for the service and see how it fits the way you watch your favorite shows.


  • Range of prices to fit any budget
  • Beautiful
  • clear programming
  • Watch live sports
  • TV
  • and news programs
  • Valid cable alternative
  • Award-winning Hulu original programming


  • Ads on low-level price tiers
  • Requires high-speed internet and a compatible device
  • No free content

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