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Free, lightweight YouTube app for Android

YouTube Go is an official app from YouTube that’s particularly useful for users with limited data plans, or in areas with poor internet coverage.

You can watch and download videos even if you have a slow connection. Sharing videos is easy and free due to Wi-Fi Direct support.

What is YouTube Go app?

YT Go is a lighter version of Google’s blockbuster video app.

It’s a lightweight video downloader and player, and it’s great if your device is short on memory. Before you download a video, it will even tell you how much space it will take up. 

How do I install YouTube Go?

If the app is available in your country, you can download it from a reliable source. Just hit ‘download’ and wait for it to install. If you sign into the app with your Google account, you can synchronize your watch history.

Which is better - YouTube or YouTube Go?

With YTG, you miss out on some of the biggest features found on YouTube, such as sharing to social media, leaving comments, and cross-platform availability.

However, what YTG does pack is excellent, opting to focus on features that help you manage your data and storage.

Are there any good alternatives to YouTube Go?

SnapTube is an excellent option because it offers features that YouTube Go doesn’t currently have. For example, it has a ‘floating screen’ that continues playing while you’re using other apps, and a Night Mode, to protect your eyes when watching in low light.

SaveTube is another alternative that’s worth considering.

Our take

YTG ditches some of YouTube’s key features such as commenting and online sharing. However, it picks up some different features such as video previews and the ability to change the app language without changing the device’s settings.

Should you download it?

Yes. In our view, YouTube Go does exactly what it sets out to do – allowing you to economically download, watch and share videos.


  • Transparent data information
  • Offline video sharing
  • Built-in language feature
  • Clutter-free UI


  • No commenting on videos
  • No online sharing to social media
  • No subtitle support

YouTube Gofor Android


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