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The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a component for your platform that will help you build an application that includes Java. The Java compiler is at the heart of the program. It lets developers create code and develop executable programs.

Get started with Java programming

At the heart of Java programming lies the Java Development Kit. It’s one of the three core pieces of technology you’ll need to get started in your Java programming endeavors. The two other technology packets you’ll need are the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). 

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The three programs you’ll need to get started with Java programming work together in tandem to help you along. JVM is the component that executes programs, JRE is the portion of Java that creates the JVM, and the JDK allows a developer to create Java programs. While it might be easy to confuse the JDK with the JRE, the distinct element of the JDK is the package that is used to develop code, while JRE is primarily made to run Java code.

Create your programs using the best tools available

Everyday programmers and professionals alike use these programs to create thousands of unique programs. Getting started is as easy as downloading and adding to your classpath. JDK can work with any version of Java you want to use.

Our take

JDK is a widely used and accepted toolkit for Java programming, and for good reason. Overall its highest testament is in reliability and clarity of use. Regardless if you are getting started, or are about to embark on a sizable project, getting JDK is a short but efficient step you will thank yourself for taking. 

Should you download it?

Versatile, efficient, and widely used, JDK is everything you need in a Java package. If you plan on doing any sort of programming, then JDK is for you. If you’re interested in similar programs, you can try Java Runtime Environment or BlueJ, which also works off Java technology.


  • Known by many programmers to be efficient and effective
  • Easily used and well regarded


  • Limited functionality or application

Java Development Kitfor Windows


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