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An online photo editing tool for Windows

iPiccy Photo Editor is a useful, feature-packed, and free Google Chrome extension. As the name suggests, the tool lets you edit images right in your web browser. Along with multiple editing tools, this lightweight image editor has a simple interface. This means it makes it easier for users to import photos from the hard drive. 

Unlike other photo editing tools, iPiccy Photo Editor is only available online. You can access it from any desktop or laptop running Google Chrome. Also, the software needs account registration. It doesn't let you work on images without signing in to the tool.

A feature-packed free extension for editing images

iPiccy download comes with a comprehensive editing module, which supports multiple features, a user-friendly interface, and a preview window. There’s also a vertical toolbar with various options on the left-hand side of the screen. To start editing your pictures, you can add the photos from your PC’s hard drive, webcam, or directly from the internet. Once you’ve uploaded the image, you just use the ‘Basic Editor’ tools to resize, crop, rotate, adjust colors, change saturation, and shuffle exposure.

What features are there?

The most commonly used part of the program is the ‘Photo Effects’ tab, where you can find customized filters. You can personalize these by changing softness, tone, and fade. With the ‘Retouch’ tool, you can improve the quality of the image. The photo editing program comes with enhancement features like Airbrush, Shine Remover, Blush, Wrinkle Remover, and more.

The image editor has a ‘Layers’ tool, which lets you add multiple stickers, shapes, text, and images to the preview window.  You can create a sophisticated look and appearance. There are various options listed in the ‘Painter’ tab, which let you draw freely and give more artistic flexibility. From here, you can also add textures and borders to the image.

There’s a ‘Designer’ module, which lets you add different layers of shapes, stickers, text, and photos to create stunning visual designs. Additionally, iPiccy Photo Editor lets you customize various options, such as saturation, hue, orientation, contrast, and brightness. You can conveniently access these from the ‘Settings’ tab. Before saving an image improved with iPiccy, you can also choose the specific quality and assign a name to the output file.

iPiccy is the perfect choice for creating stunning images and collages. You can select one of the numerous templates available on the application. Moreover, you can choose alignment, number of photos to be edited, and other details. Last but not least, the simple image editor lets you work on proportion, size, roundness, spacing, and other aspects of the image.

Are there any drawbacks?

One minor disadvantage of using iPiccy Photo Editor is that the tool’s only available as a Google Chrome extension. Currently, it doesn’t work on other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. As mentioned earlier, you also need to register an account on the platform. It’s important to note that the photo editing tool comes with basic features and doesn’t work as a full-fledged photo editor. However, it can get the job done within seconds and can be an ideal choice for casual usage.

Are there any alternatives?

While iPiccy download is a great choice for Windows PCs, you can also consider some other alternatives. There are many applications to edit your photos and create stunning visuals from imagination. For instance, MS Paint has always been the standard for image editing on Windows PCs. The only problem is the cluttered interface, which might make tasks seem complicated.

Tux Paint and PicsArt are also good tools to edit your images. While the former has been primarily designed for kids interested in image editors, the latter needs a steep learning curve to get a hang of all the features and functionalities.

Our take

iPiccy Photo Editor has been developed with focus on the user experience. So, the ease-of-use and quality of output files speak for themselves. With this image editor, you can create stunning images with existing photos. You juust retouch, improve, and enhance imperfections to make your photos stand out.

Should you download it?

Like other image editing tools, iPiccy Photo Editor comes with all the basic features. You can adjust exposure, resize images, change brightness and contrast, and remove red eyes and blemishes. 

Since it’s all done online, the program doesn’t take up any space on your Windows PC. There’s no need to download or install any updates or files.


  • Lets users edit images online
  • Comes with a simple interface
  • Runs smoothly on Google Chrome
  • Comes with multiple features


  • Needs account registration
  • Doesn’t work with other browsers

iPiccy Photo Editorfor Windows


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