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Clean Master is a free cleaning application for your computer that offers a limited number of free features. While it's debated whether or not PC cleaner applications work, they’re an easy way to remove junk files. This function makes Clean Master a useful application as you only need one click to delete the cache.

Clean your PC

Clean Master is a useful application that helps clean your computer by removing various junk files and cache. Clearing your unwanted folders and items will increase space on your hard drive, often by 100Mb each week. From Google Chrome to games and other software, every program you use creates cached files every time it is launched.

Deleting cache is not harmful and won’t remove any essential information.

Speed up your system

Clean Master optimizes your system and network settings to prevent lag and speed up your computer's performance. One useful way your system's speed increases involves clearing tracers and other items that interferes with your online privacy. 

Additionally, the drive booster option can scan, update, and fix your hard drive. The mode supports over five million devices and drivers.

Premium locked

Once you download Clean Master, you'll only have access to a few limited features without purchasing premium. These limitations only allow you to use junk cleaning and PC boost features. However, by buying a license, you'll unlock all the extra features, such as file shredder and file recovery.

Intelligent design

Clean Master for PC uses a well-designed interface to provide its many utilities for your device. With a single click, you can scan and clear almost all of your cached junk files. You can quickly locate the app's main features on the sidebar and activate them immediately.

Many side features

Clean Master includes many additional features such as file shredder, file recovery, browser auto-recovery, and an auto-update mode.

Our take

Overall, Clean Master is a decent application worth installing for the free version, especially if you’ve got many cached files. Alternatively, you can use the tools from popular antiviruses such as AVG PC Tuneup and Avast Cleanup. This app works well, though, and has many additional features aside from clearing your cache.

Should you download it?

Yes. If your computer feels sluggish, installing Clean Master will be beneficial.


  • Well-designed interface
  • Intelligent auto-clean
  • Works in one click
  • Recover lost files
  • Speed up your computer


  • Most features locked behind premium

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Clean Masterfor Windows


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