PicsArt - Photo Studio for Windows 10for Windows


A free photo editor

PicsArt is a free-to-use photo editing application for your Windows PC. The app features various tools, filters, and stickers to choose from when altering a picture. Additionally, the application offers a collage-making tool that’s ideal for sharing memories and ideas.

Many tools available

The PicsArt app offers a massive variety of tools for editing your images. You can also apply a sketch filter to appear as a drawing in pictures. This tool is excellent for creating an art-based selfie or creating a memory.

As with standard photo editing software, you can add text to your image. The application also features a background eraser that helps you create realistic images. Additionally, it features a variety of templates for the holidays and other occasions.

Share memories

PicsArt has a collage-making tool available, making it easier than ever to create one on your PC. Using this feature is a great way to show memories as you mix in multiple photos. The end product comes out well-defined based on the quality of the pictures used. 

Learning curve

Unfortunately, the PicsArt application isn’t the most straightforward photo editor to use due to the massive selection of features. However, if you get stuck, there are plenty of videos online. The online community for this app is kind and can help guide you when you’re confused.

However, the interface and overall skills required are still easier to learn than Photoshop. 

Stickers and more

Aside from a massive variety of filters and other tools, you can add stickers to the photos and collages you edit. These stickers can help convey the intent of larger projects, such as showing fondness when creating a collage of any memory.

Our take

PicsArt is a safe and virus-free photo editor available for your Windows computer that offers a wide selection of tools. The application is a free alternative to Photoshop and offers a few unique filters, unlike Canva. Overall, the app is a useful tool to have on your computer when you’re editing pictures.

Should you download it?

Yes. This app is a decent choice if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Photoshop or other picture editing software.


  • Many useful tools
  • Great for sharing ideas and memories
  • Exclusive filters


  • Learning curve

PicsArt - Photo Studio for Windows 10for Windows

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